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water fluoridation (and toothpaste)

    ura soul

    many of us are aware of the way that fluoride and fluoride 'substitutes' are added to water supplies around the planet. for those who are not aware, or who only have a surface knowledge of the details:

    1. fluoride is identified to be poisonous to life and is required to be labelled as a poison when transported.

    2. toothpaste that contains fluoride often includes a warning in tiny print - 'do not consume more than a tiny amount of this product as it is toxic'.

    3. the only justification given (and bought into by 'dentists') is that fluoride prevents tooth cavities.. yet there is no evidence to support this whatsoever.

    4. there IS plenty of evidence showing that fluoride can trigger arthritis, osteoperosis, fluoridosis of teeth (mottling and warping of teeth) and can potentially damage other internal organs of body, including glands in brain and liver.

    5. there are many accounts of fluoride being added to water to deliberately deblitate and lower the IQs of people in concentration camps by nazis in germany, also in camps in russia and elsewhere.

    6. studies in china have shown repeatedly that exposure to fluoride is guaranteed to lower IQ.

    7. the fluoride that is added to water supplies often isn't even fluoride, but a combination of acids that come together to approximate natural fluoride - acids which are by products of phosphate mining operations, often in china. so basically toxic waste is dumped into the water supply, sent to you, you likely pay money for this too.

    8. recent moves to have fluoride removed from water in the uk were documented in national newspapers where the legal 'judge' basically said 'the law does not state the simply because the majority of the people want a certain change to be made that it will be made' and threw the case out. (who exactly is he supporting here?).

    i have measured the water where i am living, in the area called 'uk' and have found that even though the water company 'evolia' claims that no fluoride is added, the levels are between 0.9 ppm and 1.5ppm. 1ppm is the 'recommended' level by the 'world health organisation' - i do not trust or listen to their 'research' at all -

    a) because we are all unique and there is no 'set' model of a 'human' being.

    b) because i am aware that some of the agendas of some of these beings are heartless and genocidal, sometimes unconsciously, due to the gap between spirit and will.

    however, even if they are correct.. the levels here are exceeding 1ppm and yet the water company AND government websites claim that no fluoride is being added. so either one or both organisations are 'criminally' and dangerously inept (perhaps they drink the tap water) or they are lying. either way this MUST change. while i am of the firm understanding that nothing in existence can ultimately be a 100% destructive force to our body, due to the fact that 'all is one' - most of us do not take that view and as such these chemicals can be a real destructive force. any drop in IQ an destruction of will / mind / spirit will only serve to bring suffering. the truth, as far as i am concerned, is as simple as that. with this in mind i find it hard (as many people do) to believe that this is the result of a deliberate conspiracy, yet the evidence points to this being true.

    many would never have believed the madness of the nazis until they saw with their own eyes. for the moment i am filtering the water here and distilling what i drink, this has the added benefit of removing potentially thousands of other chemicals that are in the water, such as high levels of oestrogen from contraceptive pills, fertilizers from farms, chlorine and bromine from water treatment facilities (also claimed to be 'for our benefit') and no doubt many others. this is only a temporary solution, and indeed, is only for my house! i will not accept this for long, i will not accept the continued toxification of the planet and ME and be forced to support the production of water filters to remove the garbage that doesn't need to be in there in the first place.

    the 'systems' of the planet are reversed by corporations and psychopaths, from 'live' to 'evil' in so many ways that are not obvious unless you look. my suggestion is that we stop what we are doing and look closely at what we have been ignoring before there are not enough of us able to stand left to feed us the toxic concoctions that we pay for in old people's 'care homes' as we dribble and drool while the 'establishment' pushes more lies our way simply because they are either mentally deranged themselves or worse are actually psychopaths with intent to kill and nothing else (hatred incarnate).

    there are several active groups who are focusing on this subject in ireland (eire), uk and america and no doubt elsewhere too. please do not ignore this and think 'oh, its ok, i can use bottled water'.. ALL the water on this planet is interconnected.. eventually you will no longer be able to escape your own avoidance and ignorance and many bottled waters contain added fluoride and other chemicals anyway.

    you can use non fluoride toothpaste - i presently recommend - ayurdent - herbal toothpastekingfisher toothpaste (uk) and/or a miswak stick - a root from an 'arc' tree which has excellent tooth cleaning properties.

    or better yet, make your own!

    for more info you can view the documentaries on ureka.org (via the fluoride katalist - for ease of use), or visit:  http://www.fluoridealert.org/.

    and a quote to end:

    "i was told of this entire scheme by a german chemist who was an official of the great ig farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the nazi movement at the time. i say this with all the earnestness the sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years' research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of flourine - any person who drinks artificially flourinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically."

    - charles e perkins, chemist 2nd oct., 1954