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Survival on Earth requires us to change our patterns now.

    ura soul
    Survival on Earth requires us to change our patterns now.

    Survival on earth now requires us to learn to cease the fascination with flashing lights, visual imagery and other forms of mental occupation that keep us distant from our other aspects that are weakened and injured due to being denied for so long.

    As a software engineer and artist i long ago decided to focus much of my brain power onto looking at, analysing and recording the many patterns i saw in life around me; for the purposes of learning and improving them - plus to express what i learned artistically. While this decision did indeed result in me learning a huge amount about life, i gradually noticed that my body was weakening and my ability to think at all was becoming more and more reduced. The loss of mental clarity and other abilities that i experienced caused me ever more challenges in life and yet i knew that i could resolve this if i just found the cause of the problem.

    After many years of exploring the human soul, my soul and many related directions in life, i now know that i/we MUST learn to stop focusing into the electrically dominated life patterns we experience and which stimulate us through their often rapidly pulsing, yet emotionally cold frequencies and instead we need to redirect our focus inside of us, into our slower moving, emotional and feeling parts. It is only through doing this that we will be reconnected with the energy that created both humans and the Earth planet we call home. The energies that created earth are partially electric and partially magnetic, just as we are - yet if we deny our own feeling, magnetic (feminine) qualities and also focus what remains of us into the digital worlds with no intention of stopping - then we are completely lost while thinking we are 'in the future' and 'living the dream'. Without our roots, we can never be the strong tree that we were designed to become and we can never bare the fruits that we desire to give birth to.

    To do this is really quite simple and only requires us to change our priorities towards feelings and away from non-feeling. This process is made more complicated mainly by the overly complicated mental patterns we are often creating and recreating in every moment that have our minds fragmented and looking in many different (mostly unnecessary) directions at once - instead of being focused inwardly into our own heart, soul and inner being. Releasing judgments and emotional controls are also necessary steps to finding who we really are, being empowered and creating a new peace. By strongly and consistently intending to heal, balance and evolve - plus by being present in our heart and by accepting emotional expression unconditionally, you will begin the path of making the unconscious conscious and of literally creating a new reality that reflects your own new found health.

    When you look out into the world and wonder why the world is so destructive and dangerous, think back to these words and begin to notice just how dangerous and destructive it is to have a mind that ignores feelings in favour of flashing lights - then realise that the world you see came from many minds who also ignore feelings and it is the denial of real feelings that caused the destruction all along. We have the power to fix this just by ending denial, opening our heart and being receptive to the information we have been missing for so long.

    There are many related pages of writing and videos on this topic at ureka.org - if you want to find them just look around or ask me directly. <3

    Wishing you well!