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scientific studies show cell phone technology can cause cancer & brain damage

    ura soul
    scientific studies show cell phone technology can cause cancer & brain damage

    There is already much research that shows that cell phone technology is directly associated in the causality of cancer, brain damage and DNA damage. For those who do not yet know, the cell phone technology that many of us use daily was never really properly tested for safety. As is common, the greed driving the corporations involved caused them to completely fail to ensure correct testing was done and initially the only testing was done was to ensure that the technology did not overheat the user (as would be the case with a microwave oven). What was not publicly tested was the possibility of more subtle injury through use of the technology, including the risks of causing cancer, DNA damage and other related damage in our bodies.

    The extent of the conditioning surrounding this topic is huge - just look at how many people queue up to buy cancer causing cigarettes to get their fix - EVEN AFTER BEING DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER - so when it is understood that similar habitual behaviour is involved with the use of phones as is involved with chemical addictions, it can be seen that even when informed of the problem, many will ignore it and choose to live in denial until they suffer the consequences.

    In my own case, i sold mobile phones as part of my job as a teenager and had zero idea of the health risks involved - but once i learned of the risks and realised they were very real, i smashed my phone and have not owned one since. I also do not use WI-FI at home and instead the house is wired for ethernet internet connections.

    Below are some recent videos that demonstrate some of the issues involved, including the results of a scientific study that showed a connection between the wireless phone technology and brain damage, DNA damage and cancer in rats who were exposed to them.




    here's my suggestion for the future of your treasured phone:


    wishing you well!