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the virus of celebrity

    ura soul
    the virus of celebrity

    the majority of 'society' is dysfunctional presently and much of the dysfunction is so engrained that the majority just call it 'normal' and even attack those who heal themselves and are then seen to deviate from this false 'normal'. obviously this means that in a world of mass media there are going to be numerous individuals who are well known who are dysfunctional. major problems arise though, when these individuals are given the financial 'wealth' and backing to go into the world and use the power of their 'followers' to create change in the world that itself further spreads their own dysfunctions. this is the basis of the majority of major problems in human culture and 'celebrity' is one of the main vehicles that this illness is using to propagate.

    • harmony

      i would leave 'stupid' out of this picture and say 'stop making people famous!'.

    • ura soul
      by ura soul

      hehe - well, 'stupid' is a judgement and ironically, not a very intelligent one. I feel there's nothing ultimately wrong with fame, provided it is nothing more than 'the attraction of awareness and focus due to achievement' - as opposed to 'elevation and worship due to agenda'.

      admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
    • Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)
      by Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

      Well I would say make people famous that can influence peace and good will into the world.  Instead of stupid people who bring all others to their knees.

    • harmony

      that's what i meant by leaving the word out, its uncalled - for, not nice. i agree with what you are saying here though, i just feel, these days, fame causes more harm than good.

      Thank you for the reminder here antoine, there are many famous, who do influence peace & good will into the world that i would probably not of heard of if they were not made famous.. hehe