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how to heal eczema

    ura soul
    how to heal eczema

    eczema is the label that is applied to forms of itchy skin rashes that appear on the human body. often the rash is worse around joints and areas where the body perspires, such as knees, elbows, fingers & armpits. when scratched, the feeling is often ecstatic for a brief period, followed by increased pain, worse symptoms and possibly also infections. i have experienced extreme eczema since i was a small child and used almost every healing method that i could find to bring balance back to my body and skin.

    here i will share some of what i have learned over 3+ decades of dealing with what truly can amount to be a disability in every sense.

    eczema is a symptom, we need to find it's cause

    once eczema symptoms became apparent, i was taken to see the family doctor and was prescribed moisturising creams and topical steroid creams of various types. these would only ever improve the eczema for a few hours at most and in the long term were not able to heal the skin. in fact, the long term effect of these creams was problematic since they:

    1. mask over the root causes of the problem.
    2. create a perpetual cycle of medication and re-medication which is stressful, expensive and unnecessary.
    3. deny the true voice of the ailing body from being heard and truly appropriate action being sought and found.
    4. can actually weaken and thin the skin - in the case of steroid creams.

    no-one was asking "what are the causes of the eczema?" since the doctor's thought on that topic ended at his claim that "eczema comes and goes in 7 year cycles - so you will have it for 7 years and then it may end!" (seriously, that is what i was told as an IMPRESSIONABLE child).

    the causes in my case?

    we are all unique and there are many ways for a body to be pushed out of balance. all dis-ease is an expression of imbalance, in one way or another, so to heal our issues we need to know what true balance is and to make the called for changes that will create/allow a new balance within us. in my case, there were numerous environmental and internal causes for my suffering with eczema. both my parents smoked industrially produced tobacco cigarettes, which we now know commonly contain hundreds of synthetic chemicals, none of which should be present in the air that we breathe. the toxic load that this placed on my body was high and no-one was aware/awake enough to care enough to change that for me. additionally, at that time (the 1980s/1990s) there was little awareness of the high levels of toxic, synthetic chemicals being put in our food and drinks, such that my body was bombarded constantly with chemical structures that simply did not belong in my blood, organs and SKIN!

    the medical approach, as is sadly so common, was to apply yet MORE synthetic chemicals to an already overloaded body. since the intentions of the medical approach was to suppress symptoms, the main outcome was to delay me noticing that the medical approach was making the body MORE sick and not less. this suppression and denial made the process of learning how to heal the body far more difficult than was necessary and added great confusion into my mind. there were some days where my arms were totally bandaged since they were weeping and infected; i could not move my arms without intense pain being triggered over all of the skin. on top of this, i was commonly 'made fun of' at 'school' by other children whose own lack of heart presence and thus their associated loss of intelligence and conscious awareness was causing them to trigger extra stress in my developing being, emotions and mind.

    this combination of environmental and dietary pollution, with psychological abuse and medical malfeasance/corruption/denial led me to feel helpless, lost, confused and broken. i did not make any particularly successful healing occur until i had left school at age 16, when i could begin to make more liberated choices and more radical changes in my life experiences.

    detox is key

    our bodies are highly complex and highly able to heal themselves if balance is allowed and we choose to listen to the body's needs and change our behavior accordingly. there are numerous ways that the body's self healing processes can become broken or overpowered and without conscious awareness of what is occurring in the body, we may not detect the deeper problems in our body's energy flows and may become trapped in a never ending cycle of fixing what is not broken and ignoring what is broken. the lymphatic system is a key part to the body's way of being cleaned internally. the lymphatic system is a fluid system that is similar to the blood system except that it does not have a constantly active pump to circulate the lymph fluid in the same way that the blood system has the heart to keep the blood moving. in the case of the lymphatic system, the movement of the body and in particular the legs (through walking/running) acts as a pump which stimulates movement of lymph. in eczema, what may be occurring for many is that, the immune system begins to remove/break down the skin cells rather than perform it's intended role of removing 'invaders' and toxins from the body's cells. the more overloaded the body is with toxic debris, the more likelihood there is of an immune system overload and dysfunction, since at a certain point there is simply too much for the body to clear away. if the body is acidic, due to eating acid forming foods such as meat and dairy (as i was fed as a child) then the body will commonly store the acid metabolic wastes that are produced as an effect of these dietary choices in body fat and this will cause another level of problem for the evolving soul/body, which causes extra stress and extra load on the lymphatic, blood and other sub-systems. our skin is an organ of elimination, meaning that the skin is part of a process of releasing the things we do not need, just like our bowels excrete cellular and food waste, our skin excretes a variety of elements too. if the main 'cleaning' organ of the body (the liver) and the associated other organs/sub-systems (kidneys, lymphatics, blood and others) are not working optimally, then the skin may be over burdened and skin symptoms will develop.

    all of these are essentially expressions of the same dysfunctional patterns, beliefs and behaviors and thankfully they all have solutions that are clear, easy to adopt and commonly very successful. we need to learn to thoroughly detoxify the body and to make the necessary changes that will clean out everything that is in the body that should not be present, while also doing the same for our environment beyond our own body. the energetic environment that we have inherited from the 'industrial age' is hugely out of balance and the corporatisation of food and medicine has caused far more problems than it can solve. how do i know this? i know this since i have now healed my body of 95% of the allergic / immune system dysfunctions and symptoms that are commonly called 'eczema', 'asthma', 'hayfever' - plus several addictions to corporate 'food' items and other related issues. i did this using well known detoxification processes and through listening to my body and emotional intuition, i learned to how to alkalyse, hydrate and feel my body's needs and i know that NO amount of medical intervention or prescribing will help to heal us while we are not using the required self-healing methods to heal ourselves.

    what type of detoxification works?

    every body is unique and while i will happily share what has successfully helped me, others will need to learn to tune in to their own ever-changing needs, if they are to cause internal balance and health. in my case, i began with the master cleanse, which is a 1-2 week process of stopping eating and instead only drinking a mixture of organic lemon juice, maple syrup & cayenne pepper (in proportions that are defined by the creator of the cleanse). i also drank 1-2 pints of salt water every morning to initiate an internal cleanse of the digestive tract, which helped a lot. at the end of this process, my taste buds had 'reset' and i now found i could enjoy eating leafy green vegetables and many other living foods, which for all of my life until that moment i had disliked the taste of. i had overloaded my body with sugar, synthetic 'simulated' flavoring and other low quality 'foods' as a child and my perception was distorted as a result. the master cleanse helped me to 'reboot' my body system and was a major first step to health for me.

    since that first step i have bought a high quality juicer and high speed food blender, which allow me to produce high quality juices and smoothies that not only help to accelerate the cleaning out of the body (and healing of the skin), but also rapidly replenish the body's stores of minerals, enzymes and vitamins - which are exactly what the body needs to maintain healthy skin. i now find that drinking a daily 'lemon and ginger blast' (juiced organic cucumber, lemon, ginger, fennel, celery, apple + herbs) keeps my skin health and  overall health higher than i can achieve through any other approach i have found.


    how to make a lemon & ginger blast (above)

    when the elements are in balance (earth, water, air, sun,)

    essentially, any action you can do to detoxify the body and the environment will also help the skin. so stopping using non-organic food, cleaning chemicals, household furniture & clothing will probably help. these 'things' in our lives are generally from the earth, in that they are made using material that is either dug up from the earth or grows on the surface of the earth. the cleaner they are, the more balanced we will be too.

    the tap water in most areas of the planet is not great quality. even in the areas where tap water is considered to be clean, there will be a variety of chemicals present in the water which do not help us. i have tested the water in the area commonly known as 'england' and found bromine, chlorine, fluoride and others in high enough concentrations to cause the body problems. so fitting a water filter system to cover your home's entire water supply is a great help. i advise to avoid activated alumina as these have the potential to dump aluminum into the water, which when combined with fluoride has been shown to be a massive health risk. carbon filters will remove chlorine and many other toxins, though you may need to use other processes to create truly clean water. a home distiller is also a great option for drinking water, since it will remove almost every chemical from the water - so much so that you will need to remineralise the water afterwards and raise it's PH level. i recommend using pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate of soda to raise the PH and one of the remineralisation fluids that are available online, such as ultratrace.

    stopping smoking and relocating to an area with as little pollution as possible will help a lot. so too will learning to breathe deeply and learning to release any habits of controlling the breathing that result in shallow breathing and an associated lack of oxygen in the body. a lack of oxygen will diminish the body's health and also the mind's ability to think clearly, so this is also a must to address.

    we are commonly led to believe that sun can be dangerous for our health. however, this is fictional since without direct sun exposure our health will decrease - we need to receive relatively low levels of UV light that are provided by our sun. repeated experiments have shown that health is decreased considerably (to the point of causing death) if a living being does not have enough access to direct sunlight and instead is blocked from the sun by simple transparent window glass or other materials. the fact that we often spend most of our days behind windows in building and cars (such as SCHOOLS) is a significant factor in our ill health. we need to get 'outside' and into the sunlight as much as possible (taking care to listen to the body's needs, to re-hydrate and to come into shade whenever is appropriate).

    other practical steps to take

    salt / mineral / clay baths

    one of the more recent healing steps i have had great success with is bathing in a mixture of minerals, salts and earth. when done correctly, this has an immediate soothing, healing and balancing effect on my skin, so much so that if i have any symptoms of eczema they will be gone within minutes or in some cases in hours, after such a bath.

    the mixture i recommend is currently (vary the amounts of each item depending on the size of your bath, the amount of water you are using  and your own needs):

    • 1 cup of epsom salts
    • 1 cup of dead sea salts
    • 1 lump of pink himalayan crystal salt
    • 1 cup of bentonite clay (or other similar high quality, clean earth - that is known to aid in detoxification).

    all of these can be found online quite easily and are highly recommended from experience.


    another great option can be trans-dermal magnesium, which is a liquid form of the element magnesium. BE CAUTIOUS with this, since it can cause extreme burning sensations when applied (even diluted) to broken skin - i speak from experience. however, if used appropriately this can have an overall beneficial effect on eczema in some cases.

    regularly clean your space and bed

    when we suffer with eczema, we are producing a large amount of dead skin cells which equates to more dust in our home. this also commonly may result in problems with our bed's mattress in terms of various types of mites and other tiny life forms that are attracted to the dead cells. therefore it is significant when healing eczema to ensure that your bed and house are kept as dust free as possible. cleaning modern mattresses is not a simple task and so i recommend finding other forms of sleeping arrangements that do not involve such large elements as metal sprung mattresses. you may find that a futon works well since it can be easily moved to be cleaned, unlike a standard sprung mattress.

    urine therapy

    my latest discovery is also the one that may trigger many people to laugh and reject the idea outright, yet it is the most effective form of topical treatment i have found. your own urine! while many of us are taught to believe that urine is 'bad' for us, the reality is that urine is sterile and contains a mixture of potentially useful ingredients for healing. many skin creams are made from 'urea', which in fact is essentially pig urine.. so why is putting your OWN urine on your skin so strange? ;)
    in the few times i have applied my own urine to areas of eczema on my body, the skin has healed rapidly. i wish i had known about this simple approach when i was a child as it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

    once we are all aware of the true ways of healing our body and our mind, we will be free in ways that even now few can imagine.

    i wish you well.