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we reflect each other's energy: don't fight the reflection

    ura soul
    we reflect each other's energy: don't fight the reflection

    Many years ago in human timing - i had some very unusual experiences, some would say extreme experiences, which involved me opening to many spiritual abilities that i previously did not know existed outside of 'storybooks'. Within those experiences i had a form of communication with consciousness that is non-human and which is essentially everywhere - understandably this consciousness has been known as 'god' by some. When presented with this experience there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide - the consciousness IS everything and yet, many of us have somehow created the illusion that we are not part of this absolute unity and so we have lost consciousness both of the wider reality and of who we are in truth.

    One of the first messages i received was 'See through the mirror'. This seemingly simple phrase has many meanings and even 15 years later i still find new meanings of it. Many of us are aware that we reflect each other in our thoughts and feelings - yet we rarely re-member to experience the reflections with the understanding that all is one. From the perspective that 'all is one' it becomes apparent that the mirrors that other humans provide for us are actually part of us too, so this is an important part of 'seeing through the mirror' - don't get caught up in the drama of 'the other' and try to fix people 'out there' - they ARE YOU. LITERALLY, NOT FIGURATIVELY.

    So when you get triggered into an argument with someone, whether it is important to you or not, you can always re-member that you are being drawn into conflict with another part of you - so why are you doing it on the outside? why are you trying to fight the reflection of something inside of you? The answer is usually a combination of denial/ignorance, habit and forgetfulness. 'I must fight to win', 'only the strong survive', 'if i don't fight and win then i will lose', 'i don't get my way by backing down' - these are all judgments we are commonly holding as we falsely believe that these will bring us what we want or need - but in truth there is a far more balanced pathway available that will instantly bring us closer to what is needed. Don't you want to feel good and enjoy balance? Some parts of you surely do - but they can't get what they want and need while you are fighting (yourself).

    Stopping fighting our reflections is made all the more difficult by parts of us (other humans) who desperately do not want to face their reflection in us and will do whatever they can to smash the mirror - in other words they will attack us to avoid their own state of being. None the less, there is always a path to peace.

    So my thought here is that part of making compassion a primary priority is to have compassion for yourself too and to remember that 'there is no outside', there is only an infinite version of you experiencing itself as being finite with a human body, along with lots of 'others' doing the same - quite a game and quite a mirror!

    Wishing you well.