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transforming disaster

focused on the reporting & transformation of areas of living hell: including war zones, concentration camps, famine areas, areas of epidemic illness & toxic pollution.
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for the fighters: the brutal truth about war

    ura soul
    for the fighters: the brutal truth about war

    free will is the only way to freedom.

    Free will requires balance and nothing being overpowered and is our natural birth right. In the event that someone else attempts to overpower/kill us - we need to defend and/or move away to safety. In close quarters it is possible, with skill to disarm opponents and defend self without killing anyone. In a war zone obviously things are much different - none the less, no freedom ever came from war.. only more war comes from war, whereas freedom requires the absence of war. War is not stopped by fighting, this is basic physics.

    Those who will survive the imbalance on earth are those who respect free will and the non violence principle - wherever it may take them safely.

    The assumption that non violence means you are going to be killed yourself is born of an absence of understanding of universal principles. The absence of understanding of universal principles is partially due to your schooling system being controlled by the same entities that start the wars, profit from them and additionally seek to depopulate the planet.

    In short, your commanders are mostly psychopathic and they don't care who wins as long as many die.

    I suggest you take in some of the research done by many hard working individuals over the years who have exposed the deliberately evil plots by controllers in military and government bodies to kill their 'own' people. Here are just a few examples: