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privacy options in the community

    ura soul

    as of a few days prior to this thought being shared here, the ureka community has new privacy options active and available for all co-creators. by default, all co-creator profiles are now only visible to other co-creators of the community and a new privacy page has been added to the settings area, to allow each co-creator to decide on the privacy limits that they prefer to use on the site.

    presently the options exist to:

    • limit access to your profile to just you, to just you and your friends or to any co-creator of the community.
    • only allow others to send you messages if they are your friends.
    • only allow chat messages to be sent to you by your friends, by everyone or by no-one.

    the first two options are presently found on the new privacy page, which can be reached via the option that is now available in the 'more' sub-menu of the site's main navigation menu - or alternatively via the main settings page where the privacy page is a sub-page. the third option is available on the tools page, which is also accessible in the same ways as the privacy page.

    this is an area that will be streamlined and improved over the coming weeks. all feedback is welcome.