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UPGRADE & NEW FEATURES: realtime notifications, interface improvement and fixes

    ura soul

    The latest update and most of the related fixing for known issues is now complete! yeah!

    So what's the result for you?

    • The notifier at the top-right of the screen now updates in realtime, instead of only updating when you refresh the page - so now there's a way to know what is occurring in the community easily. n.b. this change was made possible by code created by a third party and as such it is not designed exactly how i need it to be. You will notice that some of the older notifications it displays will look a bit odd, but new notifications should look ok. I will be improving the format of the notifications in the next few days too.
    • The notification configuration system has been simplified, so that now you only need to choose between receiving 'site' notifications via the in-site notifier or 'email' notifications (previously there were 3 options and now one has been removed).
    • There's a new loading animation as you move between pages in the site - which just makes the experience a bit more visually appealing.
    • It's now simpler to start discussions as the 'add new items' dropdown menu at the top of the site now includes an  'add discussion' button and similar buttons now appear in more places in the discussion parts of the site.
    • Various minor improvements have been made to the site theme - particularly the white version.
    • The core of the system has received the benefit of 2 significant upgrades via the elgg framework and this means there are lots of security, performance and other fixes in place which are not so obvious.

    What's up next?

    In the near future i will be adding realtime notifications for the internal mail system and adding other features there too. Once the mail system is updated i will be putting in the last major new feature that i have planned - the fully functioning audio/video/chat application. Early versions of this have been tested behind the scenes and so far it looks good.

    More to come soon...