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forum discussions are back!

    ura soul

    in light of many of your confused responses to the removal of the forum discussion feature from ureka.org - the forum discussion list is back!

    forum discussion had been removed from this site in favor of simply using the 'thoughts' feature instead. this was done to simplify and streamline the site, since all 'blogging' and group/public communications could be supported via the 'thoughts' pages, this resulted in the 'forum discussions' being somewhat redundant.

    however, since the format of this site is unique and some visitors are confused by the lack of a forum area that they can identify here - the forum discussions are go again!

    now the choice is yours as to whether you create forum discussions or whether you create your own text as a 'thought' in the thoughts list instead. future changes will increase the differences between thoughts and forum discussions; more will be announced soon.

    to create a new forum discussion, you need to be viewing a zone, since discussions only exist within zones. when you are viewing the list of discussions for a zone, you can click the add a forum discussion topic button to begin.