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InnerVerse / Ureka - HeART Sweepstakes


    InnerVerse / Ureka - HeART Sweepstakes

    I want to get some new people checking out Ureka, or bring back users who haven't been active lately. So I'm hosting a contest here, with very simple rules.


    A mysterious package of treasure from me, Chance.

    This will include art prints and crystals, and more. Ureka founder ura soul is going to contribute a Ureka T-Shirt, too. Here's a link to some of my artwork, selections from which you will be receiving if you win the package! -> https://www.ureka.org/photos/album/99864/heart-creations

    Rules of Entry:

    This contest is for anyone who wants to enter! The rules are extremely simple.

    1. Create a profile on Ureka. If you already have one, use that!
    2. Tag Innerverse or Chance in a post for 1 entry.
    3. Get a friend to join Ureka and do the same, and if they tag you in their entry as referring them, you'll both get a bonus entry!
    4. On June 15th 2017 the sweepstakes will no longer take new entries. Winner will be chosen via random number generator.

    That's it for rules! Thanks for joining us on Ureka!

    -Chance Being Thunder