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money - how to earn money?

    money - how to earn money?

    These are the steps to earn money-

    1) Study the market and your niche - Focus on small thing, if your focusing on all then you are focusing on none and study it completely.

    2) If you think, your niche is profitable and you can provide good or service which is in high demand, then only choose that niche, otherwise go back. But, if you still want to go with non-profitable niche, it may be just your hobby or you are passing your time. If you will work for hours on a non-profitable niche, you will get nothing. Most important - if you will ask for donation- No one will give it to you, ha ha.

    3) Keep price at low level, if there are other businesses who are providing the same service.

    3) Provide real value from your heart. Perform the best as compared to anyone. Don't focus on getting money, focus on providing the best service or goods as you can.

    4) Learn from mistakes and try to become better.......