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transforming disaster

focused on the reporting & transformation of areas of living hell: including war zones, concentration camps, famine areas, areas of epidemic illness & toxic pollution.
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permanently ending war on earth in 5 easy stages

    ura soul
    permanently ending war on earth in 5 easy stages

    Many heart breaking tragedies are recorded in the earth story, but in terms of humanity few can be said to exceed the grotesque abomination that is militarised fighting and war. I feel there are few alive who have not lost someone or a part of someone they are close to and share love with, due to war. My own soul archaeology, genetic memory and emotional imprints are a constant reminder of my ancestors who fought in and survived both world wars - in some of the most intense conflicts of those wars. What i inherit from those that came before me does include the knowledge and skill to survive and to fight, but it also includes the wisdom of knowing that we MUST prevent fighting and war if we are to survive now. So, I have learned to rechannel the passion of life that seeks to protect, that once would have been pressured to fight and kill those who heartlessly seek to overpower others against their will.. i rechannel that essence through a loving heart that keeps balance and so I know with keen sight now how to end war, rather than how to delude myself into thinking i have 'won' a war.

    So... In short, this is how to end war permanently in 5 stages

    All of these points support each other and are all necessary for real balance to be the lived experience:

    1. Absolutely key is the necessity to feel REAL feelings and to allow long held emotional charges to release and evolve. To charge a bayonet at another man's head that you have never met and know almost nothing about REQUIRES a degree of numbness and DENIAL of feelings. Real feelings bring empathy, understanding and actually WOULD lead us to a new pathway of balance and peace if only we would stop shoving them down long enough to heed their voice in us. In many ways this is the major challenge here since so many of us have been almost utterly controlled by 'voices of authority' in society who subtly and openly tell us to limit our emotionality for alleged 'good reasons'. Ultimately these 'good reasons' are never good. At best they seek to ensure the emotions that have been falsely judged to be 'bad' or 'dangerous' continue to be denied. It may be that there is a fear of others becoming more powerful than you and so you decide to attack instead of to grow progressively yourself. There may be an associated anger that says you are under threat and so you need to take violent action to protect yourself. Learn that these assumptions are not reality, they are simply programs that have limited your thinking and the potential for growth and new experience of life on this planet. This topic is vast and beyond the scope of this thought, but you can learn much more from my other thoughts on emotional healing in Ureka: the way to heal addiction and create real change requires emotional movement | there are no garbage emotions, all emotions are needed and need to be felt to be known | emotional balance needs to be deeply comprehended now | to cause eternal life and avoid absolute death
    2. QUESTION EVERYTHING: Become aware of the way we are literally PROGRAMMED by others in society and even by our own mind against our own will! The result is that we act and behave without even stopping to think whether what we are doing is intelligent, wise or even needed. Even when an aggressor surfaces in your life and you are convinced you are justified to fight them or kill them - ask clearly "Do i REALLY know EVERYTHING about the situation here? Do i know all of the parameters involved in what has caused the other being to be as they are? Or am i being triggered into violence because it's all i know how to do in this situation and because i feel so angry?". Without questioning you will, at best, be stuck in a 'revolution' that goes nowhere but in circles - taking you back to the start every few years - as you wipe out the nasty enemies, you will always create another group who now view YOU as the threat and so now they rise up to attack you and so it goes on and on - just as it has for aeons. What is needed is EVOLUTION, NOT REVOLUTION. Evolution brings deep changes that mean that surface patterns completely cease to exist, rather than being forced to change form - only to resurface later.
    3. BE HEART CENTERED: This is not just a 'nice idea' or 'mystical phrase' - rather I am describing a literal action that can and must be taken and allowed internally. The heart is similar in some ways to an eye, in that it can be open or closed. Most humans, in my experience have never felt their heart open and even for those who desire their heart to be open, it can be a challenge to open and keep open. A being with an open heart is infinitely wiser than one with a closed heart - i cannot overstate this - AN OPEN HEART MAKES GENIUSES - it bestows divine insight and is simply the foundation of all true greatness in life. If a being is heart centred, questions everything and feels real feelings and has a strong will, they will never fight in a war and will always be likely to prosper anyway.
    4. BE THE CHANGE AND SHARE WITH OTHERS: Often it is a sense of disempowerment that draws people into war, whether due to the fear that they will be killed if they do not fight or simply because they feel that signing away their liberty to a military (in the name of liberty, no less!) is the best option they have in a heartless society that offers them little else. If though, others who they see and know are strong and have the balance needed to thrive on Earth WITHOUT fighting AT ALL - then they will be presented with a psychological and spiritual doorway into a new reality - which they can then choose to walk through on their own.
    5. LEARN HOW WARS ARE FUNDED AND ALWAYS MAKE THE CHOICES THAT CUT OFF SUPPORT FOR THEM: The previous steps provide a solid foundation from which to thrive on Earth and create a culture of safety and security based on balance and not on the weapons that can never bring real balance. None the less, there will still be those on Earth who seek to create wars due to their own ignorance, heartlessness, greed and lack of self acceptance. Gradually there will be a widening between the groups on Earth who are choosing real life and those who continue to be trapped by the loveless thoughts and denials that cause them to repeatedly make choices that lead them and others to death. Many of these beings will not survive no matter what You do - they are probably dying every second as you read this. By making secure and safe space on Earth through a culture of enlightened balance and true understanding it will be found that gradually the warmongers have less and less support, plus less and less capacity to engineer their weapons. They have always known this and this is part of why they are making moves with all haste to create robotic weaponry for them to continue their futile combat even after the heart of humanity has awoken and will no longer support the war. They will not be allowed to continue on Earth - it is wise to decide now if you wish to stay or go with them to wherever their denial and agenda of death leads them to. Many of the products we buy in mainstream shops are in one way or another produced by corporate groups who profit from war and indeed, Britain's largest export is currently weapons!

    A massive shift is needed, but you are a powerful soul and you are meant to live a life of joyful abundance, not fight, struggle and die for someone else's madness and psychotic delusions. The majority of the cosmos has your back, the energy that creates worlds has your back, the soul that moves waves through earth and into your heart has your back, I have your back... Do you have mine? These steps are for the individual and as individuals adopt them fully, society will gradually heal too since society is nothing more than a collection of individuals.

    Wishing peace for all in unconditional loving light. <3

     "war is pointless" added by ura soul