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does this website spy on me?

the original creator of this website is one who desires liberation and an end to the tyranny of control that is so often found on the allegedly 'free' internet. so while some website covertly and overtly use many methods to spy on and even socially engineer those visiting and using their 'services' - this site is intended to do the opposite.

in this case: the opposite of spying, controlling and manipulating is that every possible opportunity is taken to enhance privacy and to apply design choices which cause self empowerment, rather than cause paranoia and loss of liberty.

what this website does not do (that some other similar, well-known sites currently do):

  • does not apply facial recognition methods to images that are uploaded. the photo-tagging features are only manual and are only applied by the co-creators of the community.
  • does not 'data mine' the database for any reason (such as commercial gain, espionage, social engineering etc.).
  • does not create 'secret' profiles of website users/visitors: the open source stats tracking application called 'piwik' is used to monitor website traffic, only for the purposes of improving website usability and to provide a better service. this application only allows the administrator to view what pages are being viewed and other non-precise information, such as the rough geographical location of each visitor and their IP address. this is the same information that is available to the administrators of ALL websites. the statistic tracking software respects the 'do not track' option that is available in some web browsers - so if you desire to be excluded from the basic traffic monitoring that is used here, you can do so by enabling that option in the settings area of your web browser.
  • does not intentionally share your email address or other data with any other organisations, covertly or overtly. best practice is continually used to prevent data being stolen or hijacked - however, digital security is not infallible and so the standard advice applies - do not share information via ANY internet service, that you strongly need to keep private.
  • does not knowingly use 3rd party web services via javascript or any proprietary form of software, while a suitable open-source/free software alternative exists.
  • does not use sharing or 'like' buttons from other social network which can be tracked from those other networks. the sharing buttons used on this site are custom made and operate independently of the other social networks. this ensures that the other sites only know when you are sharing a link/file on their network and are not informed of every single page that you view on this site. the statistics counters that reveal the total amount of shares/likes for ureka's pages on other social networks are retrieved by the ureka webserver, NOT by your own web browser and thus your IP and other details are never exposed to other social networks as a result of using ureka.
  • does not keep 'shadow' copies of your data: once you delete an item from the site, it is deleted for good. full site backups are held to allow recovery from catastrophe for a limited time only, as any responsible site would do - once these backups expire, your data is totally removed from the ureka webserver.

what this website does do (that some other well-known site currently do not do):

  • continues to look to use the strongest encryption on all data transfers between our computers and yours (while maintaining the needed balance of efficiency).
  • encrypts ALL webpages during transport.
  • allows exclusion from all data tracking: administrators will still be able to access your data, which may be necessary at some point to assist you - on your own request. this is the same as is possible with ALL websites that hold your data. no specific intent exists to access your own private data for any reason.
  • challenge any request made to expose private data to any legal entities - such as 'government agencies'. this can and will be done to the extent of challenging and evolving entire 'legal systems' if necessary.
  • only use open-source / free / libre software to ensure maximum possible transparency and potential for security flaws to be spotted and fixed by experienced software engineers.
  • take all known/possible steps to champion privacy, transparency and liberty - including listening to the response from the community and applying suitable advice that is given.

what are the operators of this website unable to do to increase privacy and would like to do?

this website is currently hosted on a corporate owned web-server. this means that the computer equipment that runs (hosts) this website is rented, rather than owned by the creator of the website. this is an efficient method of hosting a website that ensures that the hardware challenges are taken care of by specialists and that the operating and evolving of the website can be taken care of by those best suited to that task.

while this is convenient in many ways - this is also a potential security/privacy risk - since the operator/administrator of the website is not able to fully access the entire infrastructure of the hardware facility (data center) that is used to host and serve the website. the good news is that the data center is a high security building. the not so great news is that corporate corruption is at an all time high and guaranteeing that an organisation is corruption free is not possible at this timing.

once this website grows in size, the intention is to operate it from a private location that is not managed by a third party entity. however, this requires considerable technological investment and currently this is not available for this website.