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  • The Epic Saga of the continued censorship of the web and limitation of free speech that amounts to a literal information war being waged by corporations and governments against everyone else is accelerating during this pandemic lockdown. Numerous high profile people from all walks of life have...
  • Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :)I'm happy to announce that after a few days of intense coding, the ureka.org has updated visual themes, a new homepage and various other improvements. All feedback is welcome in the comments below!For those who are unaware, Ureka.org...
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Katalists at ureka.org - What they are and how to use them.

    ura soul

    Katalists are a great feature at ureka.org that allow us to combine numerous items from within ureka all onto one new page. For example, if you are researching a particular subject and have found many videos, webpages, images and other items that are all relevant to that topic, you can combine them into a new Katalist that can be easily shared with others in the community and on other social networks #tutorial #guide #walkthrough

    Katalists can be used to combine media and ideas, plus to collaborate and easily share. In short, they catalyse change and accelerate reactions in your audience. :)

    Kata is a japanese term used in martial arts to describe the form of the movements being practised.
    lists are lists! So a katalist is a special application of forms onto lists of information that catalyse transformation!

    music credits: www.desertdwellers.org