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Pac Strikes Back (#idontknowyoutellme)


    The Pacman is a smart dude I recently befriended (not the ravenous ghost fighting semicircle). He and his wife Amy, who I spoke with in episode 3.2, are genuine freedom fighters. Not violent revolutionaries, but activists of the heart and mind. As in, speaking with them will activate your heart and stimulate your mind big time! As it turns out, Pac has been involved with the truth seekers of these here internets in the past, but after betrayal by double agents like the operative who calls himself Alex Jones, and the building pressure of health problems, Pac went dark for a few years and focused on self-healing. Now he's back online, starting with our conversation here, and it's a mile-a-minute tour of various "conspiracy" issues that are worth investigating. I can't say I've done all the same research as he has, and I don't make any claims about the issues we discuss. Instead, I leave it to you to go find out for yourself. "I don't know, you tell me!" The Pacman's Website - http://pacmanreport.com/ Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/innerverse Enter the Ureka Art Prize Draw: https://www.ureka.org/thoughts/view/99876/innerverse-ureka-heart-sweepstakes Super funky awesome music in this episode - Pure Colors: https://goo.gl/BCUwJm Episode Topics & Links: +Tooth soap from Opabox, Pac's company with his wife Amy - https://www.opabox.com +Fukushima nuclear disaster and weather modification - https://youtu.be/R66-9hDhfpw +The story behind Pac's disappearance from web activism (spoiler: Alex Jones is not a good dude) +Occult Numerology & Attacks/Disasters - https://goo.gl/zppnOJ +Weather Manipulation - https://climateviewer.com/ -HAARP - https://youtu.be/InoHOvYXJ0Q -Chemtrails - https://goo.gl/fyAg3J +Iodine deficiancy - https://goo.gl/AfzDfn +The Secret rollout of 5G networks - https://goo.gl/BCUwJm +Jesuits and the Jihad against Earth - https://goo.gl/OVcXbP +"Controlled Awakenings" +Natural Law & Common Sense (same thing) +The story about local police messing with Pac's kid recently +Why you should teach others (especially your kids) what their rights are +"Green Language" - http://www.jwmt.org/v1n4/readlight.html +Taxes are theft, you don't need a government to "provide" things +Why is your name in all CAPITALS on "legal" documents? https://youtu.be/ePj44Nxhsjo +CIA in Panama - https://goo.gl/tvqdlW +Mandela Effect and Luke 19:27 - https://goo.gl/RY9J2n +CERN and the Internet - https://home.cern/topics/birth-web