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Bases 72 Barbara Lamb Part One

    ura soul

    We interviewed Barbara Lamb at the International Ufo Congres in Feb 2017 (1990s and 2011), all in a bit of a rush, as she had so many other things to do, so we arranged this Skype from her daughter's home in San Diego in June 2017. In this first part we concentrate on her entirely parallel research work on Reptilian Aliens, with the late Dr John E Mack, who was an American psychiatrist, parapsychologist and a Harvard professor. She describes how her work, and his, completeley independently correlated. John was in the audience at one her lectures and kept agreeing with her findings. The became great friends, and were to produce a major work in full collaboration, but alas John died very tragically while ona visit to England. While staying with Veronica Ford Kean in north London. Miles took a series of photographs with Barbara and John, while in a crop circle, in late July 2004. He mentions he could have recorded a video interview, but left John to simply enjoy his day in a Wiltshire crop circle. He spoke at the Glastonbury Symposium that summer. This was only a few weeks before his death. We continue on with her research, in a part 2. The skype suffered severe lip sync issues, which I have corrected for the most part. (Over 30 frames of error in some points). Barbara has been visiting the crop circles for 30 years, alas, now this year she can only pay a visit via Skype. She is highly trained and experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist.