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Defying Expectations ft. Flintwick (Brady Cagle)


    Season 3 - Episode 7 - 6.27.2017


    Brady Cagle is an up an coming musician out of Arkansas, who pretty much does it all. Skillfully proficient in many instruments and styles, Brady performs live-looping music as a solo act, plays keyboard in a band called Deep Sequence, and also produces INSANE electronic music under the name Flintwick. Brady provided some awesome tunes he's been working on for us to enjoy in this episode, so I hope you enjoy the neuro-scrambling, bass squishing, freaky funk-ness.


    Find Flintwick music here:


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    Episode Topics: + Why you should get a chlorine & chemical filtering shower-head (Amazon Link: + Brady's background as a lot kid (he's only 20) + Going from dubstep to bluegrass and mandolin to whatever the fuck this Flintwick music is (it's so good) + Brady explains creating some of the sounds and textures he uses + Flow arts & toys that Brady's good at (dragon staff, poi, contact staff) + Going to the school of real-life instead of college (I think Brady is a natural autodidact, a self-taught person) + How to stay in the flow of daily practice and commitment to one's craft + Performing as an introverted person + Brady's musical influences, like Zebbler Encanti Experience ( and Emancipator ( The Floozies ( and more


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