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Flight of the Lightning Bug (with Visionary Artist EmJae Lightningbug)

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    EmJae Lightningbug is a rising star in the visionary art world of live-painting festival performers. Join us for a conversation that explores the infinite Self of which all life is but a singular expression. We speak about EmJae's journey to being able to support herself through her artwork, manifesting one's intended potentialities, and expanded consciousness experiences like astral travel and finding oneself outside their body (or in someone else's body!). Check out the video version of this podcast for some sneak peeks at EmJae's current work-in-progress directly from her studio! Check out this episode from my new website: Topics: EmJae's recent experiences at Future Dream Fest including rapping on stage with Drewphoria The economics of manifesting your intended potentialities Finding balance between effective hustling and harmonious existence The influence of friend groups on creative inspiration The experience of being everything around you simultaneously The battle to crack the armor of the pineal gland (third eye) Astral projecting into other people's dreams and accidentally waking up as them in physical reality Emjae's (meticulous) process of personally building her canvases for painting, under layer painting, and crafting the incredible top layer detail in her art Tips from the great visionary painters like Morgan Mandala and Randall Roberts Emjae's journey as a self-taught artist, learning by watching others In-studio views and sneak peeks of EmJae's work in progress (video only!) Exploring the depths of the infinite Self through creations Support InnerVerse through Patreon and get rewards too! MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE IS BY WOLF-TECH

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