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How to create your own Promissory Notes - Michael Tellinger

    ura soul

    Michael Tellinger explains how he successfully created and paid the banks with his own promissory notes. Please pay close attentions to the details - you can download a copy of the generic Promissory Note on the UBUNTU Party Website. Click on the note to open the text box and fill in your own details - You may need to change the legal data on the top right, based on the country you are in. PLEASE DO NOT pay other people mor businesses with your notes - they are meant for BANK and Government departments only. \nDo not take your NOTES into a bank and attempt to pay it to the teller - they are not trained to deal with it and will send you away. Follow the instructions in the video. Or read the following. \n\nHOW TO PAY THE BANK WITH YOUR OWN PROMISSORY NOTE\nPlease study the sample Promissory Note carefully.\nGet to understand it and what its function is and what is actually written on it.\nIt was specifically created for the South African legal system – so you may need to adapt it for your country’s legal references on the top right hand side. \nIt has text boxes so just click on the text box and fill in what you need.\n\nCreate a catalogue list where you record the NOTE number – which you made up and wrote on top of note. \nMake up any number that makes sense to you. I chose MJTPN001 / MJTPN002, etc.\nKeep the catalogue list in a safe place.\nPrint out the original NOTE in colour on HALF the page - portrait.\nWrite in Blue ink right under the note the following line by hand. \n"The original note is signed in BLUE ink"\nThis will prevent anyone from copying it and claiming it is the original – colour copiers may cause problems. \nThen take it to the cops to stamp - date it below the note on the same paper - sign it in front of the police. \nAlso take along a letter (2 copies of the same letter)- as proof of delivery – it also needs to be stamped. \nAlso sign in front of cops - let them stamp and date both copies. \nThen make a black and white photo copy of the original colour NOTE - before you deliver the TWO sets.\nOne set for the bank/lawyers - and One set (the copy) for you.\n\nDeliver to the legal document receiving office at the lawyers OR the postal/legal document receiving of the bank offices – NOT the bank itself – \nAsk the person receiving it to stamp all four. 2 originals and 2 copies for you. \nPut the two originals in an envelope and seal it addressed to the CFO - or CEO \nOR\nSometimes the lawyers are a small company where the receptionist receives the post and legal documents – in that case make the receptionist stamp all four and do the same.\nTake your 2 copies with you as proof of delivery. \nYou have just concluded the delivery of a Negotiable Instrument in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act. \nThe deal is concluded upon deliver according to the ACT.\nStand your ground.\nThey have to raise objection within 7 days if I understand it correctly.\nClaim that you paid with a lawful document - and they need to launch a new legal action against you showing why your form of payment is not accepted.\nUse my case of payment by Promissory Note as a precedent in South Africa.\nIf they do not respond to one delivery - you have a precedent of acceptance of one payment - and therefore they have to accept all others from you. \nBe strong and fearless – know what you are doing – be informed. \nIf they have not come to collect the first payment on the 7th of the month - as indicated under TERMS & CONDITIONS - it means that they have sold the note and are no longer interested in collecting the money. This is what you have to assume - if ever asked.\nHave fun - stay strong. \nI have now paid STD bank with 4 notes - dating back to 13 June 2013 - with no legal comebacks so far.\nI trust this will continue until we introduce the People’s Bank. \nIn love, light and unity\nMichael Tellinger

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