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4.1 - Anarcho-Veganism with Kenny Palurintano

Season 4 of IP kicks off with a conversation about the convergence between veganism and anarchy. Kenny Palurintano is a traveling teacher who helps communities to integrate solutions to society's problems, especially in the kitchen. Don't miss this consciousness expanding episode!

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Episode Topics (more at

+ The quest to be the change that the world needs + Law of Attraction and Taking Action

+ Crypto-currency from an Anarchy perspective

+ The wrongness of taxation

+ Corporate fiction and the straw man conspiracy + Knowledge of Nature and Self as the keys to Life

+ Kenny's psychedelic journey to veganism

+ Consciousness, epigenetic evolution and the reshaping of reality through imagination

+ Toxic mental and physical diet - the cornerstones of mind control

+ Why you can't outsource personal responsibility

+ Anarchapulco - Make Anarchy Great Again!

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