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Free money (STEEM) anyone? Part 1

    ura soul

    FOLLOW THE POST ON STEEMIT HERE TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH IT IS EARNING.... https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@steem-ambassador/disrupting-bankers-and-filming-steemit-promo-with-danny-shine-viral-video We venture into the crass shopping centre under the bankers buildings to give away free cryptocurrency - in this case STEEM. Thanks to steemit.com/@weirdside for videography and editing. Thanks to steemit.com/@starkerz for playing the banker so well. Thanks to steemit.com/@dannyshine for doin' his thang! If you do open a steemit account (be patient - it can take a few days but may be less), include the tag promofree-steem in the tag list and we'll upvote your content. Let me know if you are a vegan and you'll get more.