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all our bodies have needs.. often we overlook them or never even know the need exists. some foods giveth and some taketh away.\r\nhere we serve awareness of what helps and what does not. we are all unique and what is right for one may not be right for another; yet some choices are commonly healthy.
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Vegan Rage! Vegans Forcing Opinions On Others? Or Non Vegans Forcing Opinions on Animals?

    ura soul

    Some of us are still thinking that when those who choose to not cause suffering to other beings get angry with others on this topic - that the situation is one of attempting to force opinions on others. The reality though is that those who (pay others to) kill and maim animals to satiate a taste addiction are the ones really forcing opinions on others (to death).

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      • cataleptik

        this is an evolutionary - level misunderstanding!

        it's hard to argue with the literally bloodthirsty right?

        when they say? 'how dare you call be bloodthirsty? i will rip your fucking throat out!'


        of all the places i can think of someone who addressed this weird and confusing paradigm, the one that comes to mind is the channeler amorah quan yin.  her claim is that the eating of animals was based on a misunderstanding millions and millions of years ago.


        and it seems that it would take a force of observation like the psychic Pleiadians to give a perspective to humans on our past interactions with animals...


        it's deeply complicated.  and of course, always, the capitalists who profit so heartlessly from the cruel treatment of meat animals fosters indifference.   very bad.


        at this point in our development, 

        ura soul,

        you must realise that we have cloning techniques that render cruel treatment and old breeding practices obsolete!

        one cow can provide meat for a continent, and that cow need not be slaughtered!  or, genetically modified...


        ugh,   our food chains...


        chain food stores...

        corporate chains...


        • cataleptik

          my favourite hat!

          you're wearing my favourite hat~ what does that MEAN!


          My God, it's all so FV^KING EXCITING!!!

          • ura soul
            ura soul

            I missed your previous comment on this - I guess I was distracted. I'm not sure what it means that I have your favourite hat.. lol.. I picked it up in portugal to stop my head from exploding in the heat! ;)

            admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
            • cataleptik

              i had a couple blue soft hats with round brims in the 1990s.

              and had a lot of fun and interesting experiences.  i don't wear hats like that anymore because i have not had one.

              but it's meaningful to me, the synchronicity


              as for the misguided peta people:  may they go into the wilderness to force mountain lions and bears and wolves to stop eating flesh.  yeah. may they try that.


              over and over again i see two things:

              there are cultures who have eaten meat for aeons.  many are now hated indigeous and tribal folk living traditions.


              hated by colonial and racist oppressor types!   those same types use the most terrible cruelty in their meat processing methods. Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin are among many celebrities who have spoken about this cruel and unusual punishment of animals through the decades.



              but the annoying weakness of PETA and other types is that they won't go up against corporate bosses.

              corporate bosses are the reason cruelty free meat (possible now with cloning: one cow can create beef for a whole nation and need not even be killed with new cruelty free cloning tech: it's real)


              it's all about heartless corporate power structures:  they must be attacked and attacked with intellectual rational strategies, not with the typical pickets in the streets and slogans or attacking individuals wearing fur,  that has never fucking worked, and it's not gonna work. i've gotten used to smug and self righteous "activists" who continually do anything but "fight the REAL enemy," to quote my soulmate Sinead, corporations and corporate bosses and power structures.    they refuse to go after them and instead attack Inuit whalers or other tribal folk.


              that's how those people have eaten for thousands of years.  attacking and shutting down Tyson Chicken, for example?   or McDonald's for Christs' sake?  they tend to be too cowardly and short sighted, and instead engage in passive-aggressive half-hearted activism that is the manifestation of poseurdom compared to what attacking the corruption, waste and evil of the corporations that process meat wastefully and evilly.


              i eat meat.  "sparingly," realising the meaning of the word "sparingly."


              in the previous aquarian age our ancestors had a different life and needed the hard protein to keep going.

              it's time for a change, but the corporations should be attacked, because they oversell greedily, indifferent to the corpulence and death that fast food corps provide.



              ha ha..



              i just thought of that, now.