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      Brain Tumors and Cannabis: Jeremy Kigar of Michigan 2013

        ura soul

        Jeremy is a Dietitian. He worked in a hospital for 12 years. That is, until he experienced a seizure while visiting a patient's room. He woke up in the Emergency Room of the hospital where he worked. Tests revealed that Jeremy had a grade 4 Astrocytoma in his Cerebellum; an advanced brain tumor. Jeremy underwent chemotherapy and radiation, but the tumor only began shrinking after he began ingesting Simpson Oil, high THC cannabis oil. We're CPN Institute. Help us, so we can do more...much more. Invest in cannabis education. Become a member. Join today.

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          • cataleptik

            it's been so stupid

            for so many years.


            natural, out of the ground.


            other unsustainable stupidities are up for review as well,

            as usual amazingly done, ura soul. you fail to fail...