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Decentralising The World (Wide Web) + A $300 Bn. Class Action Law Suit: Steem Vs. Facebook & Google!

    ura soul

    Most System Engineers are paid by corporations and governments to build their projects and to maintain the status quo. I chose not to do that and to instead help to create systems that support life and planet Earth instead. Here I talk about making governments irrelevant, plus the options for creating balanced power networks for human society. I finish off by covering the upcoming class action law suit against facebook and google for the censorship of cryptocurrency projects - potentially worth $300 billion in compensation claims.

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      • cataleptik

        "making governments irrelevant"?


        your dream, and my dream, and john lydon's but...

        the problem is that everyone isn't ready for that, emotionally, psychologically.


        still, it's great that you've thought it through.


        might i add that it's telling, how hard it is for people to get decent psychological health care!

        cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT as it's known is a perfect example of what i mean...


        it has shown that people with mental illnesses have a relapse rate of close to zero after CBT,

        compared to people, emotionally and mentally sick people, who recieve chemical therapies.

        they relapse at a higher rate.  this was determined through doubleblind tests that i could probably 

        dig up the notes for, at the university of pennsylvania - an Ivy League trough, but nonetheless,

        CBT was pioneered there.


        i do believe that CG JUNG said in one of his final interviews

        that if therapists continued to use chemical therapeutics on neurotics

        who could be cured with talking cures- that the result would be a planet-wide 

        mental illness epidemic.  you know, stuff like needless disasters created,

        kleptocratic governments that waste trillions of dollars a day, a pro wrestler and 

        career criminal made leader of the free world, a garbage island growing in our oceans...


        you know, 

        a global mental illness epidemic.


        But Freud won the psychotherapy cola wars, and now...the sick are forced into chemical addictions

        that only feign curing, masking symptoms and dulling wits. 

        (who wants to be slow on the (serotonin re-) uptake?)


        yeah, making governments irrelevant.

        if only people weren't so sickly addicted to Napoleons. i have held for years

        that the anarchist remains the enlightened individual in an otherwise schizoid situation.


        • cataleptik

          yes, blockchain.

          in all seriousness, if everyone were as ethically and morally sincere as yourself,

          blockchain would be viable.  money is a big fucking lie. we both know that.

          however, the tendency for people to insecurely seek ways to create pyramid schemes and take advantage, 

          well, you read my previous post about global mental illness, if you've read this.

          as things are now, bitcoin, blockchain and the whole cashless economy idea 

          are just being exploited to create MORE of an economic unfairness.

          the information access gap continues. and i have worked at soup kitchens

          and seen bums with cellphones, and mentally sick veterans with computers and skills like yours.


          but they are drowning in that economic gap.


          it might seem like i am naysaying you.  more to the point,

          i simply wish that the psychological anguish of those who get crushed by economic disparity on a global level 

          could be alleviated with more swiftly.  each moment lights go out, and by which i mean lives,

          crushed out by class prejudice and economic disparity.


          inevitably all money will be abolished by enlightened and evolved human culture.

          but when?> is the question.  five years? fifty? five hundred?

          in the meantime we face the proliferation of indifferent Trumps who laugh and practically feed on the poor and disadvantaged...

          • ura soul
            ura soul

            I agree with everything that you have said here - every word. My experience on Steem has involved watching the microcosmic playing out of macrocosmic economic patterns, but within the context of the mostly transparent blockchain. Every transaction can be viewed and so we can gain good insight into what people are thinking as they transact and what their motives are. They will happily tell you if you ask in many cases.

            Any system that is to be replaced has to be replaced with one that is better in order to gain adoption and although we do have these approaches already, they aren't widely known or understood. Many people are programmed to think that robots will solve all of their problems, so they just need to keep plodding along until the day comes when they can quit their job and a robot will take over, leaving them free forever. In reality, capitalism and spiritual imbalance means this is impossible. The real motives behind the most 'successful' capitalists is to have power over others in order to placate their fear.

            We just need to keep processing the pool of lost will. It's a bit like seeing pus oozing from the skin - our first reaction is to tend to the pus and the skin, but if we tend to the detox process internally, the pus will clear up on it's own.

            admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
            • cataleptik

              okay, well, forgive me, i come from dirt-poor folks, 

              and we have this greedy Klepto Trump trying to ruin the United States...

              i am so close to emigrating out of this fucker altogether, but if people who care don't stay and fight the bastard, his sort prevail.


              i barely know what Steem, bitcoin, blockchain is, but I knew back in the eighties that money would 

              change because of computing.


              recently i have done the Master Cleanse,

              re: what you said about pus and toxins.  it works amazingly.

              my ears popped.  amazing rush of energy to the brain.  just a basic feeling of improved well being

              and clarity in the physical.  necessary for the things i want to do in 2019.

              i actually FEEL brain cells coming "on line."


              so forgive me if i am coming from a place of distrust.  i am on guard against scammers,

              but your level of understanding in regards to the mechanics of cyberspace is simply greater than mine!.



              on a total other level,  I have been following Mantak Chia's instructions re: internal arts and macrocosm/microcosm meditation,

              the "orbit" for several years now.  So combining that with the Master Cleanse...

              (which, if you don't know, is a mixture of lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water that flushes the intestine completely...)

              overall, everything in my physiology is totally improving.  


              it's the bowel.

              most of us humans are in denial about the bowel, the intestine and its' relation to our bloodstream and

              what we think, and how we think.  as in: shitty behaviour, shitty attitudes, feeling like shit.

              most of us just get ruled by McDonalds and of course, you are aware of the meat cycle.

              it's radical.  i feel like i am extending my lifespan, just flushing out my gastro-intestinal track.

              so i have added to this just throwing kombucha down my throat, and getting spirulina into me as well.

              i almost died in 2004 from drinking mountain creek water. it LOOKED clear and clean.

              it was infested with tiny microbes called Giardia that caused me worse pain than I ever had in my life.

              i was hospitalized.  CAT scans.  Barium enema.  blood coming out. the works.

              i was saying my goodbyes.  i was sure that the end was near.

              i survived, and in the years since that i have been struggling to reconstruct myself, 

              recover and heal my guts.   it was part of my journey.  so now, i don't know too much about my guts, 

              and the balance of flora that is necessary. but i don't feel as sick as i did in 2005, 6, 7...

              i can't begin to describe the horrid flatus of many years.  horrible, long and high pitched farts.

              it was really bad in my guts.  cutting out alcohol was a big step for me.

              so even though i was in that adverse situation. i was forced to think harder, 

              and now i feel like i have stepped out of that shadow period into much greater vitality than i was at before....




              • ura soul
                ura soul

                Ah, the king of trumpistan, yes! ;)
                I've thought of visiting, it would be a shame to miss out on great opportunities because of the actions of a few - but from the perspective of someone calling the USA their home, I would highly recommend thinking about relocating. The 'democracies' are fake, so I don't think you can do much to 'vote in' someone better. We need system wide evolution.

                Yes, my first detox experience was the master cleanse. I had some really amazing lessons there too. I probably would benefit from doing one again - thanks for the re-minder. I remember that it can be good to add baking soda into the drink to turn it into a kind of lemonade, it's much more palatable that way ;)

                There are certainly many things to be wary of in cryptocurrency land. The smart people aim to support projects that are as decentralised as possible. Steem isn't that yet, but it is moving in that direction.. I am currently a candidate in an election there to take part in a group that will take steps to form a foundation that is intended to decentralise Steem further. I want to turn it into an economic system that is easier to use and get into than our existing systems are. I am also quite happy to ditch money altogether, but while I have to pay for oranges and bananas, this is the best I can come up with!

                I have studied Mantak Chia too - though I can't say that I have ever achieved anything by doing it. I think I need to do it a whole lot more than I have. Once I feel more confident with the Wim Hof method I will probably move on to some Chi Gong or Nei Gong.

                Oh, the Giardia sounds horrific - I wasn't sure what happened to you - you just kind of vanished. I'm glad you pulled through, you are part of the process of the Earth Heart connection - you can't leave yet ;)

                Yes, alcohol is no good for the gut or the body in general. Actually, I drank a few shots of vodka at a club last night, which I probably do no more then 2-3 times a year now. With the oxygenation from the Wim Hof method, the alcohol didn't really hit me much.. I had total focus at all times, really noticeably different from the last time I drank that much (which resulted in me vomiting later!). The gut is really the root of the immune system, so I am told (along with the bone marrow) and there are so many issues it can have. If you think about it, the digestive tract is a continuation of our outer skin, it's just on the 'inside' of us. Cutting out dairy goes a long way to help the gut - and also switching to a vegan diet to get a whole lot more dietary fiber. You might benefit from purple cabbage juice too - I admit it doesn't sound appetising but isn't too bad a taste and is great for the stomach and GI tract.

                Here's to your health in the imaginary year 2019 - or as we say around here.. 'now'. :)


                admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!