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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful."\r\nreality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence."\r\ntheory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions."\r\nconspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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Tech vs. Humanity: Facebook Brain Implants In Primates & Child Abuse / Mind Control on Youtube!

    ura soul

    Links mentioned in this video: Facebook research into mind control of primates: Facebook President admits Facebook is designed to distract/addict us and no help us: MK Ultra related videos aimed at children found on Youtube: Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse Run By CIA & Mormon Church Speaks In Depth About Her Life Within MK Ultra Mind Control Program. ITNJ - 2018: The Whistleblowers (Series) #35 (Part 3): Dr. Sue Arrigo - US Government Child Sex Slave, Mind Control Survivor - Alleges Massive 'Horror Movie Level' Crime By US Gov, CIA, Presidents & More: Steem:

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      • cataleptik

        cataleptik arose from the deep bliss of samadhi and typed while simultaneously thinking:


        cognizance!   one of the most baffling things about MKULTRA is...the whole thing is baffling, and it was INTENDED to be baffling.

        But the origins of MKULTRA only seem American.   MKULTRA comes from Nazi Germany.


        the trail is simple in hindsight and you know how they say that "hindsight is 20/20..."


        first it was a grab-up of German scientists.

        Many Nazis were put to death following the results of the Nuremburg trials.

        that is public record.  what did NOT make public record for decades was the US/USSR splitting up 

        of Nazi Germany's surviving scientists!


        The Soviets got quite a lot of Nazi Germany's technology and personnel, and the United States

        got some of those Baddies with goodies as well.  This secret was declassified decades after

        German scientists in the United States developed MKULTRA starting in 1952.


        WHY ELSE would the "K" for "Kontrolle" be there?  

        Americans would have called it MCULTRA!



        And then, of course, with Nazi ideologues running amok with hypnosis technologies

        behind the lines of their hated American enemies, they ran wild doing their worst

        to subvert the American state from within.   THAT is what MKULTRA is for, to create

        a Nazi ideological foothold in the United States.


        The first DSM started shortly after MKULTRA began...

        think about it.

        • ura soul
          ura soul

          Oh yes, I am aware of that - though uncovering the fine details require a lot of research. Whatever name we put on it and whoever is doing it, the patterns to look out for remain similar and the steps needed to resolve the situation remain the same. We don't stand for militarisation and domination of our homes, so we shouldn't stand for it in our minds - which first means acknowledging, on a mass scale, that this is an issue!

          admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
          • cataleptik

            it gets me making this observation on evolution...


            it doesn't happen like an impossible straight line in geometry, from a to b.


            more, it expands, and spreads, sort of like the way water is spilled.

            evolved awareness spreads in some areas, and is barely there, where people are not aware,

            but then it gets there, periods of time pass and suddenly it's hard to deny without seeming absurd,

            evolution has taken place!   all those naysayers who insisted "men can't fly" are reduced to absurdity,

            and airplanes are flying back and forth...


            it's like that, as you know, with Judgment Release,

            and Judgment Release is like that water that is spilled.  in some places, it was already there,

            and people are wildly advanced, not crippled by ethnic prejudices which do not see what's actually true,

            it takes "a while" for beings to gain a sense of the true discernment and apprehension of reality,

            the clear and honest seeing that comes from observation without imposition of stale and limiting judgments...



            the atrocities and unlovingness that come from the various prejudices are so obvious, 

            people search for answers, and that's evolution.


            especially when peoples' free will and sense of using it is so often all but completely dormant!


            • cataleptik

              the basic idea of electromagnetic energy being the foundation of life is what gives the ILLUSION

              that these psychotronic technologies are "all-powerful" and that "resistance is useless," as Nazis and the Borg say.


              in my opinion the reclaiming of lost consciousness is necessary and was on the way, anyway, and is something that evildoers have no control over, although they might wish to convey the illusion that they have such control.


              it's the age of the amateur, independent scientist who is not in the pocket of military-industrial complexes, the age where young children have access to tools and insights that would have only been available to people on the level of Einstein and Oppenheimer in the past century.  I'm looking forward to the future, but I'm not just waiting for it, and doing nothing.


              The ones who are little ones, kids, right now, would be really angry with me in not that long, if things keep degrading for human life, and what did I do?  Say "Oh, well, nothing can be done about it"?


              I'm thinking about the great Nikola Tesla right now, but, yes, more research and study remains necessary to understand precisely how his technology is functioning in 2019.


              but Ionospheric heaters cover Earth.  the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project is not the only one!


              and doubtless people have seen reports of melting ice floes and glaciers around Antarctica.

              hence, at least I have a grip on the psychology, the diabolical "Why" of "why cause global warming on purpose, while denying that they are doing so?"  and I know that it is a DIABOLICAL why, not anything with loving or noble, good intentions.


              to manipulate the weather,

              creating worsening climate situations,

              get people in a hurry to go to a neighboring planet...


              but acts of ionospheric heaters set to cause climate hostility cannot honestly be called "Acts of God."  Maybe for insurance purposes, but not really.  We face Unloving Light when we face the poorly intentioned tuning of ionospheric heaters...


              and the many lightning rods which now cover the planet, which were not there back in the 1980s and 1990s.   An unloving intention has taken command of those technologies.

              • ura soul
                ura soul

                Well said! I know that Donald Trump's uncle - John G. Trump - was the very scientist tasked with taking Tesla's work and patent/designs for the CIA after he died. This opens up a huge can of worms that is probably unexpected by many, since on the surface Trump is such a buffoon.

                admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
                • cataleptik

                  Ionospheric HF pump facilities need to be sufficiently powerful to provide the possibility for plasma turbulence studies, although any radio wave that propagates in the ionosphere affects it by heating the electrons.

                  That radio waves affect the ionosphere was discovered already in the 1930s with the Luxembourg Effect...


                  Although the research facilities need to have powerful transmitters, the power flux in the ionosphere for the High-Frequency Active Auroral ResearchProject has been recorded at below 0.03 W/m2.

                  This gives an energy density in the ionosphere that is less than 1/100 of the thermal energy density of the ionospheric plasma itself.

                   The power flux may also be compared with the solar flux at the Earth's surface of about 1.5 kW/m2.

                  Ionospheric Heater Facilities (these technical specifications may be close to accurate.  More research is needed.)


                  Closed HF pump facilities?  (I don't believe it for a nanosecond.  I have caught wikipedia in lies, before, and often it has been to protect Gov't/NWO secrets.)

                  • HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory HIPAS Observatory northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, capable of transmitting 1.2 MW or 70 MW ERP.
                  • SPEAR (Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar) is an installation operated by UNIS (the University Centre in Svalbard) adjacent to the EISCAT facilities at Longyearbyen in Svalbard, capable of transmitting 192 kW or 28 MW ERP.
                  • possibly, also SuperDARN
                  • VT SuperDARN Home : Virginia Tech SuperDARN

                    SuperDARN stands for Super Dual Auroral Radar Network. The network consists of more than 30 low-power HF radars that look into Earth's upper atmosphere ... and if it's "looking" with radar, it is shooting particles into the upper atmosphere, as well, which excite molecules and create heat, and can manipulate low and high pressure, or so I theorize for now...
                  • cataleptik

                    it's a political fight.   We can make Faraday Hats or whatever, that probably doesn't work and meanwhile, the rest of Earth is afflicted.

                    Politically, these applications probably violate many international laws...meaning that democratic initiatives and political activism will be the decision maker as to whether these trends continue, or they are reversed soon.

                    • ura soul
                      ura soul

                      the facility in Norway (Eiscat) was most likely the origin of this - maybe you remember it?

                      admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!