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Waiting for the Starter's Pistol, Virgo! April 2019

    added by cataleptik

    INSTAGRAM: @JaneInternational - WEBSITE: http://janeintl.comVirgo April 2019 Tarot Card ReadingVirgo! It's a really weird balance, what can I say? Do you start, or do you wait? Do you work or do you play? This is a month that is more about living according to your authenticity more than anything - while maybe you've attained a level of peace, perhaps there is some restlessness because of it. I dunno... it's a Mars in Gemini kinda of month - coupled with Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter retrogrades, so... do you speed up or stay slowed down? Listen to the PODCAST:iTunes: https://goo.gl/mYY3qvGoogle Podcasts: https://goo.gl/hgJomcSpotify: https://goo.gl/R6BMUuAnchor: https://goo.gl/VKPnTsOR WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/Suy9VqJoin me on Instagram!!@JaneInternational----------------------------------------Comprehensive Readings:https://goo.gl/MEdYwq2019 Annual Readings:https://goo.gl/vuJRgsPrivate Tarot Readings:https://goo.gl/w5ChfNIf you wish to donate!https://www.paypal.me/janeinternational----------------------------------------Thank you all so much! I cannot extend enough gratitude for all of you!


    • cataleptik
      by cataleptik

      eventually there will appear on cable television internationally something like my long term strategic idea, that goes along with my training as a trade-certified television production worker.   


      i imagine it like a combination of QVC and The Weather Channel, but for astrology.

      we'll have sidereal as well as tropical astrology, some time for Jyotish, Chinese and Japanese astrology.  of course my personal 'prejudice' is towards Western astrology and the twelve (thirteen) signs that I am most familiar with.


      and of course, i keep in mind that old saying that has gone along with tarot astrology and fortune telling so much in recent years, "For Entertainment Purposes Only."  a pseudo science is still a science...a dwarf planet is still a planet.   i think it would be wonderful to have a 24 hour astrology channel.


      we could even have live channelings.  

      A Channeling Channel?  Why not?