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music, harmony & vibration

the frequencies and vibrations of life; resonation, tuning, harmony, music & peace.
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The Addictive Nature of Pop Music

    ura soul

    In this episode we explore the The Addictive Nature of Pop Music #mabel #dontcallmeup #popmusicTHE BEATO CLUB https://flatfiv.com/pages/become-a-beato-club-memberBUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE http://bit.ly/2uTQFloKEMPER PROFILES https://bit.ly/2SqvzmOFollow my Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rickbeato1/**Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** www.flatfiv.comSUBSCRIBE HERE http://bit.ly/2eEs9gXBEATO MUSIC FORUM forum.rickbeato.comMy Links to Follow:YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RickBeatoPersonal Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rick.beato.1Follow On Twitter - @rickbeatoSpecial Thanks to My Supporters:Bill MillerGabriel KaraffaJoel MartinoBrett BottomleyMatthew PorterFrederick HumphreyFrederick HumphreyPaul NoonanMansel IsmayGreg SpielmanRay RossettiEvgeny TeilorJoe AnsaldiDavid FugitROBERT JOHNSONJonathan Wentworth-LintonKevin HansenSteve ThordarsonHarry BrociousJeff McClellandPzzMarc AlanRob KlineTim WilsonCalvin WellsDavid TrapaniAbel JamesEric FaroWill ElricsHector MedinaDoug OlanderScott SchumannJoe ElrodChris DefendorfDebbie ValleDan SullivanGhostly BeardRip WinklerDennis Tomlinsonmaydad meiriJP RosatoScott RanceDave HawkeyRoger FrankhamChris MitchellZack KirkorianOrion LetiziMike VoloshenAshley ThompsonMatt PauleyPeter PillitteriJeremy HickersonTravis Ahrenholtz