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      Imagine More - a technique to stretch your imagination

        added by Aknight

        With so much energy going into the growing abyss of duality - us /them - I think it is time to dream a new dream for humanity.  Which starts with being able to imagine something more ...surprising that it can be hard to imagine a world with peace for all.   Coincidentally I have found it starts with the personal ability to dream the positive. This technique has worked for me.

        Disclaimer...when we dream bigger realities the first thing I have found that comes up are the 'yeah but's..'. All those parts of myself that secretly don't wish the better reality. Go figure.  Just knowing that; healing, forgiving and moving beyond the old ' yeah but's is a good skill to learn on the way to a dream.

        So here is a Technique to Stretch your Imagination into new positive worlds of possibilities excerpted from "Healing the Rift" 4.21.2019

        For full show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/HealingtheRift

        SOTU is channeled by Josh Schwartzbach