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  • The Epic Saga of the continued censorship of the web and limitation of free speech that amounts to a literal information war being waged by corporations and governments against everyone else is accelerating during this pandemic lockdown. Numerous high profile people from all walks of life have...
  • Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :)I'm happy to announce that after a few days of intense coding, the ureka.org has updated visual themes, a new homepage and various other improvements. All feedback is welcome in the comments below!For those who are unaware, Ureka.org...
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3Speak Is Now Supported By Ureka.org - A Learning Resource For A Free World!

    ura soul

    I've been busy today, adding support for videos from 3Speak.online to Ureka.org. This means that you can now add 3speak videos to your library of videos on Ureka as well as embed them into your posts and comments just as you would with Youtube, Vimeo and other supported video sharing platforms. You are more than welcome to drop by to https://www.ureka.org to try it out! I also learned today that 3speak is totally censored on Twitter! That was quick! I just tried to let t he world know that Ureka supports 3Speak and my tweet was hidden from my profile (despite being accessible if you have the direct URL). Here's to your freedom! Wishing you well, Ura Soul