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  • In the early 1990s, Carlos Diaz shocked the UFO world with stunning, clear video of UFOs over the skies of Mexico. He later claimed to be a contactee.He has been discredited by many who say his videos are hoaxes. See what you think.www.ufocasebook.com
  • New Witness Testimony - Craft pulled from the OceanFor the first time ever you will hear the incredible account of a new Top Secret clearance military witness about the retrieval of an ET craft. This person was there in person to witness an amazing "retrieval" event. This witness comes forward for...
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Bases 3 Rendlesham UFO Events The British Investigators Part 1

    ura soul

    Rendlesham UFO events part 1...FINALLY after 15 years we give you Bases 3, with some work from the British Investigators..so maligned, attacked and ignored..with Three of the archive master tapes stolen, we give you Part 1.Shot in 2005 and 2006, on location, in the early days of HD... Welcome Bases 3.A highly complex case, with similar events the year before in 1979. So much kept secret and converted to just the American information. Special guest from BASES 2, Larry WarrenThe beautiful art of Philippa Foster, her work so intuitive, interviewed in 2006