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  • My video titled ‘Why Money is Evil – in under 10 Minutes’ gained great traction on the Steem blockchain – yet received 55 views on Youtube! In it I exposed concisely, using empirical scientific evidence, that money is causally involved in the creation of evil on a grand...
  • At this point It is clear that there are two kinds of people – those who pay attention with an open mind, aiming to not be biased… and those who don’t. The evidence regarding Donald Trump shows me every day that the second group mostly make up his fan club.His latest tweets state...
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Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD)

    ura soul

    Become my Patron for more free videos: patreon.com/kirbyfergusonCheck out my acclaimed new series: thisisnotaconspiracytheory.comFor the first time, the whole series as a single video in HD.Written and Remixed by Kirby FergusonIn the five years since the series launched, Everything is a Remix has been viewed over two million times and produced a popular TED Talk. Amazingly, Remix continues to change the way people think about creativity, originality, and copyright.To celebrate the five year anniversary, I've polished up the original four parts and merged them into a single video. For the first time now, the whole series is available as a single video with proper transitions all the way through, unified styling, and remixed and remastered audio. Part One has been entirely rebuilt in HD.Full sources available at everythingisaremix.infoJoin my email list to get occasional notifications about new work: eepurl.com/bsl0DnTwitter: twitter.com/remixeverythingFacebook: facebook.com/everythingisaremix