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  • Soul soother & mind mender Brianna Columbini joins us to talk about her work as a life coach, psychedelic assisted trauma recovery, and the convergence between astrology and numerology. We also touch on how to create space for healing in your life, and the perspectives that can push you to your...
  • The friend to the fairies and painter of pixies, Izzy Ivy, joins us to talk about visionary art, oracle decks, opening to the spirit world, and much more. Izzy creates transcendental oil paintings depicting mystical beings and cosmic harmony. She also creates original clothing with a psychedelic...
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Ura Soul | Whistleblowers Pt. 1: Pharmacuedical Suicide, Media Monopolies & Secret Societies


    What connects conspiracy research to spiritual work? Ura Soul returns to bring light and share stories of many brave corporate insiders. Revealing the heartless and exploitative areas of our society, we can begin untying the knot that connects our energy to evil and find a healthier continuity for our lives.

    “The root to our problems in the whole fractal is the mind trying to deny the emotions.”

    Join InnerVerse Plus+ to unlock the 2 hour extended episode and dive in to the huge archive of double-length shows!
    Get the extended episode here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/25555830

    Full Show Notes & Links - https://innerversepodcast.com/season-5/ura-soul-whistleblowers-1

    Music In This Episode:
    InnerVerse Intro Theme - Wisdom Traders: https://soundcloud.com/gotups43
    End of Show - Mindful Xpansion: https://soundcloud.com/mindfulxpansion/