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inspirations in the body, bringing balance and alignment to ignored muscles and all of you.\r\nthere are many labels given to different styles of body movement and healing, such as yoga, bodywork and massage processes.\r\noften, the body/bodies are imbalanced due to unloving discipline and pressure in and on us. moving the body is one way to activate the energies of the body to catalyse change.
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  • URA'S NOTE: meditation need not involve any form of control, this is one of the great errors of spiritual traditions. liberation requires the absence of control and from that liberation real balance may be found.\r\nRather than examining what takes your breath away, Sundar Balasubramanian, a...
  • Everything we need is already inside us, just waiting to be moved. Epic Dance Parties + Free DJ Mixes Weekly: www.tashablank.com Special thanks to: Matt Mcbrayer - Post Production www.matthewmcbrayer.com Robert Lux - Music (I mean, we co-produced it but he did all the hard stuff) www.robertlux.com...
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IDO PORTAL - JUST MOVE | New Documentary Film - London Real

    ura soul

    FREE ACADEMY STARTER SERIES: https://londonreal.link/academy/Ido Portal - Just Move - Part 1 of 2 from the NEW documentary film.WATCH THE FULL MOVIE FOR FREE: https://londonreal.tv/idoSUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToLondonRealEXCLUSIVE Q&A with Ido: http://londonreal.link/ido-qaLife all comes down to a few moments.Thursday night was one of them.You see hosting the world premiere of a feature length documentary film that you produced in four months time is already a very intense and special experience.To envision an idea, then pitch it, then travel to film it, then construct it in the editing room, then screen test it, then colour and sound grade it, and then premiere it on the big screen to an audience of 200 peoplewell, life doesnt get more challenging and sensational than that.But to do all this with Ido Portal as the main feature of your efforts takes that intensity up by a factor of 10.Because Ido is a man I respect tremendously, whose message is one that I believe is crucial to the future of humanity.And its our responsibility to tell it with clarity and integrity.No pressure Brian Well now you get the chance to judge for yourself.Some people say its our finest work yet, others told me they experienced a life-altering moment.For me it answered one simple question:Why do we do this at London Real?The answer:Love.Yes, love.We create movies and multi-media at London Real to express our love.Our love for a person.Our love for an idea.Our love for transforming the world.Watch closely and you can see it.You can feel it.You can even be a part of it.Ido Portal, thank you for your trust.We love you.CHAPTERS:00:00 Brians thoughts as he travels to meet Ido Portal.02:38 Brians introduction.06:41 If at first you dont succeed, keep going and going, never give up.10:06 Developing a love of movement in any form of mind and body connection.11:40 Where fear resides that is where the growth is. Brian is given a challenge.18:00 Odelias story, what she overcame to practice movement for a living.19:47 The struggle to reach the goal and what we learn on the way fulfils us, not the goal itself.24:10 Gavriel explains how the team encourages everyone not to become Homer Simpsons.24:48 Because you can. If you wont tomorrow you might not be able to. MOVE.25:53 How to do the spinal wave. Practise it before it is too late.29:12 Let them dirty the wall you motherf**kers30:37 To stay young keep playing, keep discovering, keep feeding yourself.33:47 Pascale has to move for those who cant move.35:50 Respect the body youre given, learn as much about it as possible and use it.37:55 Brian continues to practise.38:41 Reasons for popularity of movement practices in Israel.40:12 Less fear and more awareness of perception may be better for modern society.42:42 We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves.43:53 Initial scepticism in Idos movement ideas, now a fashionable way of training and being.45:03 Warm up for natural movement and focus on where in the body power needs to be.49:49 Why Ido is helping Conor McGregor prepare for his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.56:43 Seeing movement from a different perspective and developing a movement tribe.59:21 Playful concept requires a serious approach, perform now dont wait for the right time.SHOW NOTES:Ido Portal's website: http://www.idoportal.com/Ido Portal on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portal.ido/Ido Portal on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/portaldoTopics discussed:Shoshinhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShoshinPeople mentioned in this episode:Mosh Feldenkraishttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosh%C3%A9_FeldenkraisConor McGregorhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conor_McGregorBruce Leehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_LeeMUSIC:00:00 X-Ray Sound - Intro http://www.xraysound.com/02:28 Julia Kent - Flag of No Country http://www.juliakent.com/6:50 Red Note - Hyper Drive https://soundcloud.com/rednote10.00 Slider - Capoeira11:45 Dj Sadhu - Pulse https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 12:35 Dj Sadhu - Path https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/17:43 David Douglas - Higher (Weval Rmx) http://atomnation.net/19:30 Dj Sadhu - Trillah https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 19:50 Dj Sadhu - Urban Myth https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 24:40 Weval - I dont Need It https://soundcloud.com/weval29:12 Rednote - Eephant Skank https://soundcloud.com/rednote32:38 Dj Sadhu - 2012 https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 33:46 Christian Loffler - Pigment (Parra for Cuva Rmx) https://soundcloud.com/parraforcuva38:45 Dj Sadhu - Phife Dawg https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 42:48 Dj Sadhu - Samurai https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 44:59 Dj Sadhu - RecRel https://djsadhu.bandcamp.com/ 47:08 BeatStars-Silence50:00 Distance- Headstrung https://soundcloud.com/distance55:56 Deltawerk - Mareokey https://soundcloud.com/deltawerk http://atomnation.net/1:00 Shinzo beats - Shinzopren https://soundcloud.com/shinzo61