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The holistic health zone brings us together to support each other in our emotional, vibrational, heart, spirit, mind & soul healing.
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Donald Trump – Psychology of The Chosen One: Mental Health & Narcissism

    ura soul

    The subject of Donald Trump’s mental health has been a common one for a long time. There are numerous claims that he is mentally ill and not fit to be President – while his diehard fans refuse to accept any such thing and may even accuse those who make such observations as being traitors or even .. dun dun daaah.. communists!

    I am not in America, so I can’t really be accused of being for or against his political party in that sense – I am also not a communist. I do, though, have a depth of understanding of many of the relevant psychological issues pertaining to what can be seen of the situation from outside.

    I find that I agree with the position shared by over 30 US psychological experts in the book that has recently been updated called ‘The dangerous case of Donald Trump’ which identifies his state of mind as representing a national emergency which commands a full psychological evaluation to be made of him.

    Interestingly, as with a variety of other phrases I have highlighted in recent videos – Google will not auto suggest any phrases that begin ‘trump mental’ or ‘trump psych’ - whereas bing and other search engines accurately demontrate that there are many, many pages on these topics on the internet. Clearly someone doesn’t want the idea spreading that Trump is mentally ill. This totally contradicts the narrative that is trying to claim that Google is biased against Trump. Anyway, this is a long video but it’s content is important.

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul