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conspiracy realists

conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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Prince Andrew Claims He Had No Idea About Jeffrey Epstein's Child Abuse...

    ura soul

    After weeks of silence, Andrew Windsor has made a statement regarding his relationship to Jeffrey Epstein - the recently 'deceased' serial child abuser, friend of presidents and apparent trader in exotic technologies to dubious people.

    He has stated that he had no idea that Epstein was a child abuser and made mention of 'what we now know'. Since 'what we now know' includes the testimonies of numerous women who told the same story of Epstein being a psychopathic rapist and possibly even worse and that at least one of them has accused Andrew of being involved - he seems to be digging himself a hole here!

    wishing you well, Ura Soul