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  • The Epic Saga of the continued censorship of the web and limitation of free speech that amounts to a literal information war being waged by corporations and governments against everyone else is accelerating during this pandemic lockdown. Numerous high profile people from all walks of life have...
  • Steem is several years old now, it's a blockchain based social networking eco-system that pays you to post and comment - plus has a plethora of aother benefits. Despite it's greatness, it has also had it's fair share of problems, but a recent update to the network appears to have made a big shift...
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Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :)

    ura soul

    Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :)
    I'm happy to announce that after a few days of intense coding, the ureka.org has updated visual themes, a new homepage and various other improvements. All feedback is welcome in the comments below!
    For those who are unaware, Ureka.org is a hybrid social network which has it's own accounts, plus private messaging, friend lists, groups and much more - plus, it also supports posting to the Steem blockchain. This means you get the best of both worlds and can build communities and network with others as you do on mainstream sites such as Facebook, but also receive payment for posts via the Steem rewards pool if you choose to!
    Ureka is focused on healing, balancing and evolving - so if that's your thing then drop by and let's do our bit to leave the Earth in a better state than we found it!
    We also have 'katalists' which are our own version of Pinterest boards, plus a variety of other features.. Drop by and check them out at your leisure, we are also in Discord too if that's your thing!
    Wishing you well,
    Ura Soul