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  • Becca Tarnas is the author of Journey To The Imaginal Realm: A Reader's Guide To J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As a PHD scholar of philosophy and religion, Becca guides us through the deep symbolic archive and wisdom of Tolkien's great works. In this episode we explore the source of human...
  • Acharya Shunya is a globally renowned Vedic scholar and teacher, and the author of the highly successful book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. In this episode we discuss the non-dual wisdom of the Vedanta and Shunya's deep knowledge of ancient Sanskrit texts. We also explore powerful and health oriented...
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Linda Raedisch | The Lore of Old Elfland & Legends About Little People


    Linda Raedisch is the author of various books on folklore, magic, and myth. In this episode, we discuss her newest work, The Lore of Old Elfland: Secrets From the Bronze Age to Middle-Earth. These aren't Santa's Elves we're talking about though--this conversation examines the historical tribes and legends that may be the origin of modern ideas about tall, beautiful, and mysterious pointy eared folk. Of course, we also explore the concept of diminutive humanoids, undead warriors and their barrows, the ramifications of the spread of religions on our folklore, and J.R.R. Tolkein's inspirations for The Lord of the Rings. All that and much more in this phenomenal episode!

    In the Plus+ Extension, we look at legends like The Wild Hunt and the Green Children of Woolpit, while entertaining the possibility that modern UFO, alien, and Bigfoot encounters might be the same category of phenomenon as our ancient elvish escapades.