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  • Acharya Shunya is a globally renowned Vedic scholar and teacher, and the author of the highly successful book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. In this episode we discuss the non-dual wisdom of the Vedanta and Shunya's deep knowledge of ancient Sanskrit texts. We also explore powerful and health oriented...
  • Brenden Weber is the host of The Philosophy Guy, a podcast that explores wise ideas, often in a pop culture analyzing context. In this host-to-host discussion, we look at the flaws in the materialist worldview and consider a variety of alternative cosmologies. We also consider the epistemology or...
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Becca Tarnas | Journey To The Imaginal Realm: Archetypes In The Lord Of The Rings


    Becca Tarnas is the author of Journey To The Imaginal Realm: A Reader's Guide To J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As a PHD scholar of philosophy and religion, Becca guides us through the deep symbolic archive and wisdom of Tolkien's great works. In this episode we explore the source of human imagination, the Atlantis mystery in Middle-Earth, the parallels between Carl Jung and Tolkien, and the mechanism by which great stories are able to immerse us in an enchanted other-world.

    In the Plus+ Extension, we look at Tolkien's use of Venusian symbolism, the archetype of the syzygy (union of sun and moon), Tolkien's critique of industrialization, the enigmatic character of Tom Bombadil, and much more.


    Journey To The Imaginal Realm (Book) - https://revelore.press/product/journey-to-the-imaginal-realm/

    How Becca got swept up into the world of Middle-Earth
    Numerology symbolism in The Lord of the Rings tale
    The Matrix and the esoteric meaning of the One Ring
    Tolkien's dream-visions of Atlantis and how it appears in his fiction
    "The Inklings" Tolkien's club with other authors of his time
    Unfinished stories like The Lost Road, The Notion Club Papers
    How Tolkien predicted England's Great Flood of 1987
    Ancestral memory and inherited trauma
    Synchronistic parallels between Carl Jung and JRR Tolkien
    The Music of the Ainur, a cosmogony of Middle-Earth (Creation Myth)
    Samuel Coleridge, Idealism, the primary imagination and sub-creation, the mechanism used by artists
    Enchantment - being immersed in a believable world of fantasy
    Witnessing to co-create with the divine imagination instead of trying to be the God of creation

    ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) - https://www.patreon.com/posts/34548350
    The etymological roots of "invention"
    Discovering one's sense of awe and wonder
    Alchemical as above so below mysteries of stars, water, and language
    The story of Eärendil the Mariner, the first and most prevalent character in Tolkien's saga
    Frodo's star-glass and Venusian archetypal symbolism
    A Jungian perspective on the archetype of the syzygy, uniting solar and lunar qualities to individuate as the Higher Self
    Understanding the difference between gender and polarity and seeking the balance between
    Mordor and Saruman as symbols of the consequences of industrialization and scientific reductionism
    The tree-people known as Ents and Tolkien's perspective on nature as a conscious entity
    Solving our problematic effects on the environment with personal responsibility and community
    Tom Bombadil, the most anomalous character in Lord of the Rings, and the self-realized individual in relation to nature
    The curious incident in the barrow downs and consciousness time-travel
    That awesome moment where the Lady Eowyn shanks the Witch King of the Nazgul

    Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders - https://soundcloud.com/gotups43/foggy-dreams-1
    Outro: "Incandescent EP" by MioWnize - https://soundcloud.com/miownize/sets/incandescent-1