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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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DR Carol Rosin 'The Extra-terrestrial Threat' | Werner von Braun

    ura soul

    DR Carol Rosin 'The Extra-terrestrial Threat' | Werner von Braun | 'UFO Threat' | The UFO Threat as told by DR Carol Rosin on Werner von Braun | UFO Threat Werner von Braun | UFO threat DR Carol Rosin | Subscribe;https://www.youtube.com/SteveMack (Click bell for updates)DR Carol Rosin on Werner von Braun - The Last Card Will Be The ExtraTerrestrial Threat. DR Carol Rosin was the first female corporate manager of fairchild industries and was spokesperson for Wehrner Von Braun in the last years of his life. She founded the Institute for security & Cooperation in Outer space in Washington DC & has testified before congress on many occasions about space-based weapons She was also present at meetings in the 70's when the scenario for the Gulf w^r of the 1990's was plannedPolish born German-American Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun was an aerospace engineer and space architect He was the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in Germany and a pioneer of rocket technology and space science in the USAVon Braun revealed to Dr. Rosin a clandestine plan to justify weapons in space based on an extra-terrestrial threatIn May 2001, DR. Steven Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that featured 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers. His Disclosure Project in 1997 along with other members of CSETI including Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell made a presentation at a background briefing for members of Congress According to a 2002 report in the Oregon Daily Emerald, Greer has gathered 120 hours of testimony from civilians and various government and military officials, including astronaut Gordon Cooper and a brigadier general, on the topic of UFOs Due credit must go to DR. Steven Greer (born in Charlotte, North Carolina 1955) for his life long and ongoing dedication on projects such as; siriusdisclosure.com, for taking to the masses, the cumulative, in depth testimonies, of many many extremely high ranking, and unquestionably credible Witnesses, who have come forth, not only after expiration of terms of secrecy have expired, but also on the legal basis that, in many instances, the projects they were working on that were classified and sworn to as 'secret', were constitutionally null and void, because they were not endorsed by their elected government/s. Greer was trained as a Transcendental Meditation teacher and served as director of a meditation organization. He completed his graduate work at East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine in 1987. He attended MAHEC University of North Carolina where he completed his internship in 1988 and received his Virginia medical license in 1989. That year he became a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.Steven Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990 to create a diplomatic and research-based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. In 1993, he founded the Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research project, whose goal is to disclose to the public the government's alleged knowledge of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems. The Disclosure Project was founded in an effort to grant amnesty to government whistle-blowers willing to violate their security oaths by sharing insider knowledge about UFOs, & many issues ultimately controlled by the very "military industrial complex" that President Eisenhower first mentioned many decades ago.Steven Greer's Official websites;http://www.disclosureproject.org/http://siriusdisclosure.com/Steven Greer's extremely comprehensive interviews of witnesses, available on his website: www.disclosureproject.org & watch UNACKNOWLEDGED;http://siriusdisclosure.com/videos-on-demand/ (now on Netflix) - the most accurate and comprehensive video on extraterrestrials, UFO's, and many other related aspects, which will further put the pieces together for you on the extent of this cover up & future plans that await us...ADDITIONAL EXCERPTS:Eisenhower's farewell address was the final public speech of Dwight D. Eisenhower as the 34th President of the United States, delivered in a television broadcast on January 17, 1961.Daniel Ken Inouye was an American politician who served as a United States Senator from Hawaii from 1963 until his death in 2012.SPACEFORCE IS A BIG LIE! | Donald Trump Space Force Announcement;https://youtu.be/n5P1ea-GoSMGovernment Electoral Conspiracies : Media Lies Spin;https://youtu.be/UzcdavnH0TcVLOGS;https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzyvMrK6TMPP-Jp5ypvBt2yY4UIouCgyYALL footage from National Press Club & other public records, not from any Steven Greer videos! Fair use remains in force for this videoAny donation towards costs of content creation genuinely appreciated!;PayPal.Me/SteveMackYouTubeCompiled, reedited & remastered in FULL HD by Steve Mack