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constitutional mechanics 101

we commonly inherit national constitutional frameworks that were created within very different contexts to that which we are presently experiencing. thus what made sense many years past, now shapes our experience in ways which often are not comfortable.\r\nthis zone is for the exploration of evolving new constitutional agreements that best serve the needs of an expanding and evolving populous.
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  • UK 'Lord' & MP: "Lockdowns & Gov policies go against basic human decency, desecrate human rights and his connection to spirit/God is more important than duty to Gov" (paraphrasing). #covid19 #Covid19UK #politics
  • Canada's parliament faces a question about publicised plans to build a network of 'internment camps' which have a very open description in terms of who might be forced into them and why. The parliament avoids answering any questions and then shuts the question down entirely!
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COVID19: NZ Stores Enforce 'Contact Tracing' & Refuse Entry Without Providing ID?

    ura soul

    The Orwellian 'contact tracing' idea that provides masses of data on people's private movements to whoever happens to get hold of it 'for your safety' - has taken a new twist in New Zealand. The pet store 'Animates' has been shown to be refusing entry to anyone who will not provide personal details to them for their records! Their agent in this video states that this is in line with the NZ government's policies, despite the NZ government's own webpage stating differently. It seems this is just an 'error' on the part of the shop in question, what do you think?Wishing you well,Ura soul## Links---https://www.animates.co.nz/covid-19-animateshttps://covid19.govt.nz/businesses-and-employees/businesses-and-services/contact-tracing-at-your-place-of-business/My post on the mark of the beast:https://peakd.com/politics/@ura-soul/are-bill-gates-and-the-rockefeller-foundation-perfectly-fullfilling-the-biblical-prophecy-of-the-mark-of-the-beast#covid19 #news #covid1984