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holistic healing

The holistic health zone brings us together to support each other in our emotional, vibrational, heart, spirit, mind & soul healing.
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  • Dr. Kendrick is a national treasure! And here we dissect the lockdown "science" - like no-one else can. I would say "enjoy" - but lockdown harms are so horrific, that would not be right. But "be informed"? Absolutely.Note our Kickstarter is here - please help us to make this most crucial movie - a...
  • As the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip across the world, is the reaction a fiasco in the making? Stanford University professor Dr John Ioannidis lifts the lid on our worrying lack of reliable data.And, see his thoughts in writing here:...
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CRUCIAL Viral Update Critique of Data sending UK into Lockdown Meltdown

    ura soul

    An historic moment: the UK is going to vote tomorrow on self-destruction - based on mad modeling, and bad science.Shouldn't people care about this disaster?I share the data to help you fight back...send this to your MP's and politicians, everyone and anyone - asap!LOCKDOWN LACK OF BENEFIT / LOCKDOWN HARMS PAPERS: https://we.tl/t-T5Kqw0lS7gNOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support - please consider helping if you can at my Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/IvorCumminsFor monthly donation to support me directly, or one-off payment - simply use the following link: https://www.tinyurl.com/IvorCummins