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      ura soul

      my recent experiences with NHS services have shown just how little respect is given there to correct and balanced nutrition. while assisting my father to recover from bacterial meningitis, i discovered that not only are the recommended foods, in reality, among the more unhealthy options that could be chosen, but the food supplements on offer contain neuro-toxins!while the 'doctors', nurses and carers recognise the problem, they gave no evidence that they intend to do ANYTHING to resolve the problem and to me this amounts to malpractice on a MASSIVE scale.it is well known that pharmaceutical industry whistleblowers have already stated that the pharmaceutical industry is almost totally corrupted and based on greed, not healing (for one example of this, see here: https://www.ureka.org/videos/watch/14819/pharmaceutical-drug-company-whistleblowers).it is also well known that there are eugenics movements on earth who intend to eliminate subsections of human population (using covert means).this topic needs scrutiny NOW, since the evidence points to a concerted effort to covertly (softly) kill humans who no longer empower the financial system and thus no longer support the overpowering that it's inherent imbalance facilitates in society. in other words, the controllers of the system appear to be seeking to kill off anyone who draws from the system and does not help them to control everyone else.FOR A FREE SOCIAL NETWORK THAT INTENDS TO ASSIST US TO HEAL, BALANCE AND EVOLVE - YOU ARE INVITED TO: www.ureka.orgthe list of katalists at ureka is here: https://www.ureka.org/katalists/all?list_type=gallery

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