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computer specialist - William Pawelec - exposes covert implanting/tracking projects, black projects & more

    ura soul

    Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. We recently found out that Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007 and we received permission to release it in December 2010.

    some highlights (thanks to Drenki on voat for these notes):

    side comment: "it was obvious that Vietnam was a political war and not to be won"

    built security systems for Fedex and others. FedEx's was likely the first to use satellites as a relay back to a central office.

    After 1984 worked for "beltway bandit" firms and was surprised at locations the security systems he worked on were being deployed - in particular Tonopah, NV. Not very close to "Area 51", but within the vicinity. Because of its geography, it's almost impossible to observe the base without trespassing.

    Tonopah bases went very deep underground. He and his teams needed to be on-site to install systems so he was able to see parts of the facilities himself. There was evidence that hardware was cutting edge, possibly unreleased, and that equipment had been temporarily relocated in order for his people to do their work without jeopardizing its secrecy.

    He describes a rush to get the F-117 out of Tonopah to make room for a new project.

    A company in North Glenn, CO was developing an implantable, pill-shaped chip for horses in order to distinguish them. Something like a NFC - could be read 7-8ft away. You send it a signal and it sends back with its unchangeable unique ID.

    Locating people who were kidnapped was an application that he thought might bear fruit, including Prime Minister of Italy for example?

    Attempted to introduce the tech to interested parties. Some were very mysterious, no names given for example. Two people showed up to a presentation who weren't invited (dept of agriculture, dept. of treasury) but knew all about it. Their questioning seemed to indicate that they had other intentions for them.

    Future abilities of chip: Ability to monitor body temp., blood pressure, pulse, brain waveforms.

    Sees an article of a woman who had a chip removed from her body in 1999 and it appeared to be similar to his design. Gets some money and doesn't have to work again (unclear if it's the woman or the person who removed and analyzed the chip).

    Professor 1/32nd of an inch. By etching them you could create a unique number (into the billions). They could read it from over 100ft away and through thin materials.

    With a little modification and a minor bit of power, they could be read from 120km (space).

    Shop the tech again, and again mysterious people show up to ask questions.

    Professor gets a nice grant and work on the tech is transferred away from him, leaving him independently wealthy.

    Friend Bob wants his family to live outside of the USA, to experience life in a different culture so he relocates them to South Africa. They're still trying to figure out who the mysterious people are. NSA, NRO credentials.

    Another friend gets a contract creating a physical security system - cameras, intrusion detection - in Silicon Valley. Looks like they are making the same thing. Factory makes billions of these things for Siemens, shuts down.

    He and Bob start noticing government is acting funny. Bob finds out something interesting, but killed in suspicious car crash in Nairobi. All his evidence is declared fake.

    He continues his research - 4 power groups in world, hold advanced tech, control most of gov., their politics are unknown to us. They seem to be competing with each other to control the world. Calls them 4 Horsemen. Different philosophies, same goal?

    Thinks a lot of work going on in aerospace that we have no clue about.

    Is asked for an example of the strange people he's run across (ones interested in his tech and others). Guy relates a story about how they wanted to shop "credit card+pin" to Dept. of Agriculture as a replacement for food stamps as a way to reduce operational costs and fraud. So they do a presentation and educate some of the people in charge of that decision. But then he runs across one individual who asks very technical and pointed questions "how many can you make, how fast, are they eraseable, can you implant them in a human body???"

    Believes tech has been deployed already - especially among military / special forces.

    Asked for a monitoring system that could identify an intruder from 15 miles away. Proposes disguising electronics as boulders and hooking everything up with power and fiber optics back to monitoring station - thinks this kind of monitoring would only be necessary for a long-term facility.