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cruelty to life

for the collection of data and proof of the abuses that are occuring on this planet due to heartlessness, greed, unlovingness, error and unenlightenment.
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  • Children's Home Inspector Joni Cameron-Blair Used by Nottinghamshire Council to warn them of potential scandals so they could quietly cover them up BBC Five Live Fri 14 Aug 2015 with Clare McDonnell Joni Cameron-Blair was an independent inspector at the Social Service Registration and Inspectorate...
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U.S bureau of land management: Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes, Imprisoning Ranchers!

    ura soul

    Federal Bureau of Land Management is destroying property, terrorizing American families and torturing cattle. -- Helping get this out for Ammon. Two of Hammond men are being sent away for 5 years on terrorism charges because they did maintenance on the grazing land. Follow Ammon's channel for more updates... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Jcjg5wuBAzYhFRF3jpE5A You can also get up to speed on the story of the main family they are terrorizing here: http://www.tsln.com/news/18551282-113/story.html The goverment is trying to make life hard for the Ranchers on their private, as well as public lands on which they have grazing rights so they will leave; that way so politicians can make money off the deals that ensue. We must stand principled in defense of justice. Harney County Sheriff David Ward refuses to take a stand. That means we have step up. Contact the sheriff here.. 541-573-6156 dave.ward@co.harney.or.us