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open hearted science is the application of intelligence with an open heart and true feelings; where no choice is made that is heartless or that causes suffering. eternal living, loving light!
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  • World-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski and urgent-care physician Dr. Daniel Erickson discuss the science behind pandemics, why the lockdown is worse than the GUVID-19 virus, and why it's time to reopen America.
  • World-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski and urgent-care physician Dr. Daniel Erickson discuss the science behind pandemics, why the lockdown is worse than the COVID-19 virus, and why it's time to reopen America.
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3/05/2016 -- Dutchsinse calls media ! Smeared by CBS News / PNSN + USGS over Mt. Saint Helens EQ

    ura soul

    I am under attack by the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network), USGS, and CBS News (KIRO 7) out of Washington State for reporting on an earthquake at Mount Saint Helens volcano. This video contains a direct call to the media who are carrying this story. MyNorthwest.com via KIRO 7 - the author of the article is from KIRO, named Ashli Blow (link to them below). My text response here: https://tatoott1009.com/2016/03/04/pacific-northwest-seismic-network-debunked-really-dutchsinse-yet-again-and-lied-again/ ______ Direct link to the smear article(s) here: http://mynorthwest.com/11/2911743/Debunked-Article-claiming-seismic-unrest-at-St-Helens-lacks-scientific-support http://www.kiro7.com/news/debunked-article-claiming-seismic-unrest-at-st-helens-lacks-scientific-support/71813744 ______ Link to the author of the article : Ashli Blow https://www.google.com/search?q=ashli+blow+KIRO&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Feel free to contact the PNSN and let them know how you feel about their actions: https://www.facebook.com/thepnsn http://www.pnsn.org ______ March 5, 2016 As many of my viewers already know, over the past several months, leading into a year - I've been publicly harassed via personal ad hominem attacks by the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network / USGS affiliate) and their Lead director - Professor John Vidale. See some of their past harassment + attacks here: https://www.google.com/search?q=dutchsinse+vidale&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Professor Vidale, the PNSN director, is also the lead Geologist at the University of Washington State. Vidale, along with several other people from the PNSN, USGS, Washington State University, University of Arizona, and people who work for IRIS all came to my facebook, youtube, and website(s) to say some fairly nasty and defamatory things about me. While the aforementioned were taking issue with multiple topics of Geology, these people (COMPANIES?!) actually took things a step further to attack me personally. Someone from IRIS even ended up saying horrible things to my own mother here on facebook. All over me doing earthquake forecasting! The professor and the PNSN organization have said things which I could never hope to rebut (personal attacks etc.) which have ruined my name due to their position of authority -- using their company name (PNSN), and their authority from the state (state funded) to bully me into silence.... using main stream media to publish their libelous accusations. Main stream media has been complicit in these unfair accusations, never taking the time to contact me for any comment, instead now we see (here in 2016) the PNSN has again issued PUBLIC STATEMENTS to the media hurling defaming insults at me, rather than science as an attack. Recently, on February 8 2016, an earthquake struck on the flank of Mount Saint Helens in Washington State. I made a post on the earthquake, which was the 1st near M3.0 of the year at the Volcano. It was a small earthquake, and not a sign of any kind of eruption.. literally I never said anything about "eruption" of the volcano. The post I made was MORE in reference to multiple OTHER earthquakes which occurred at other dormant volcanoes.. Mount Saint Helens was struck - thus I made this post showing my viewers what was going on.. http://dutchsinse.com/2082016-mount-saint-helens-struck-by-seismic-unrest-whole-west-coast-moves-from-ca-to-wa/ ____ The response to my post has turned out to be somewhat of a scandal in itself. The main stream media (CBS News) came out, along with the PNSN , and smeared me for reporting the earthquake! They went on to DENY that the earthquake was related to Mount Saint Helens volcano, even though the earthquake struck directly on the flank of the volcano. The PNSN called me a "terror"izer (fear mongerer?) who is doing videos for "clickbait".. insinuating I'm seeking $ or popularity?! There is NO popularity online when reporting on natural events like Earthquakes and Volcanoes... maybe a few thousand views up to 100,000 views.. which on youtube is absolutely nothing, and pays less than $100 dollars. And we all know covering these topics is "controversial", thus not leading to any "popularity" .. only negative attention , which is horrible to endure (take it from me it is terrible to go through this , getting smeared in the media just for reporting earthquakes). The PNSN and CBS News added insult to injury due to the fact that while they were slamming me in this news article for investigating the earthquake at Mount Saint Helens.... the PNSN THEMSELVES took a HELICOPTER over Mt. Saint Helens the day of the Earthquake!!! Yes, they did a flyover of the volcano the same day of the earthquake... on February 8th! Here is the flyover they did on the same day the earthquake struck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_PkF5hFVIM Why were they out there investigating the Volcano in a helicopter while at the same time slamming me for investigating online? Somethings not right here.