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SolitaryFriend's videos

  • My favourite track from their new album, Grouph Therapy. Watch in HD:) NOTE: I do not claim to have any sort of owner ship of this song, I am simply promoting it. I would also like to make it clear that if any party(s) involed in the production, release or sale of this track have any problem with...
  • Click "Watch in HD" for best quality. Or use this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EElaqhquY00&fmt=22 Upscaled 720p video for Tool - Parabola taken from the Parabola DVD. I have used FairUse Wizard 2.9 to upscale to 720p with the following settings: "H.264/AAC/MP4, very slow" profile,...
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Epic Chillstep Selection 2016 【3 Hours】


    I wanted to make a pretty long chillstep mix and practise transitions between the tracks. This is a celebration of our beloved genre and hopefully it will bring peace and harmony in the new year. These are songs I love with all my heart from both known and fairly unknown artists so you're hopefully bound to find something new in this nature inspired and uplifting chillstep mix. "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love". - Carl Sagan ▼ Explore Killigrew: Facebook: http://hyperurl.co/killigrewfb Soundcloud: http://hyperurl.co/killigrewsc ♫ Song list: 0:00 SizzleBird - Peace of Mind 3:15 Secoya - Run (Illenium & Said The Sky Remix) 7:30 Capox - Inspiration 12:21 Said The Sky - Listen 15:22 Killigrew - Coming Home 22:06 Killigrew - Timeless as the Waves 27:20 Said The Sky - Everything 29:25 Electus - Seize the Day 32:25 CMA - So Far Away (feat. Wonder) 37:20 CMA - You're Not Alone 41:59 Blackmill - The Light 47:41 Blackmill - Let It Be (feat. Veela) 53:33 Capox - Escape 57:45 SizzleBird - Are You There (feat. Nori) 1:00:31 CMA - Caught In Our Thoughts 1:04:43 Killigrew - Hurt 1:10:02 Killigrew - Hope 1:15:23 Jeremy Lim - Into Ether 1:19:41 Jeremy Lim - Uncharted 1:23:48 CMA - It Is What It Is 1:27:07 Electus - Auditory Hallucination 1:31:14 Electus - Truth 1:34:44 Diamans - Leading Light 1:39:05 Diamans - Sunny Day 1:43:19 Capox - The Fall 1:49:01 Anima - You Are Truth 1:55:39 Blackmill - My Love 2:00:28 Blackmill - Spirit Of Life 2:06:32 JCB - Embracing Solitude (Blackmill Remix) 2:12:05 Siriswad - Inspirational Friends 2:16:39 SizzleBird - Storm Voyage 2:20:11 SizzleBird - Beautful Star 2:23:17 Electus - Who We Are 2:29:40 Electus - Where'd You Go 2:33:08 CMA - Ethereal 2:37:44 CMA - Fragments Of The Past 2:42:07 Diamans - Perception 2:47:17 Killigrew - Sorrow's End (feat. Electus) 2:53:16 Killigrew - Deeper Still 2:58:31 Killigrew - One Kingdom ► Anima https://www.facebook.com/Animasface https://soundcloud.com/animassound ► Blackmill https://www.facebook.com/Blackmill-167224433307649 https://soundcloud.com/blackmill ► Capox https://www.facebook.com/CapoxMusix https://soundcloud.com/djcapox ► CMA https://www.facebook.com/CMAMusic https://soundcloud.com/cma-music ► Electus https://www.facebook.com/ElectusOfficial https://soundcloud.com/electusofficial ► Jeremy Lim http://facebook.com/jeremylimmusic https://soundcloud.com/jeremylim ► Said The Sky https://www.facebook.com/saidthesky https://soundcloud.com/said-the-sky ► Secoya https://www.facebook.com/secoyamusic https://soundcloud.com/secoya ► Siriswad https://www.facebook.com/siriswad https://soundcloud.com/jadesiriswad ► SizzleBird https://www.facebook.com/SizzleBird https://soundcloud.com/sizzlebird ✿ Photograph by the talented Kindra Nikole: https://www.facebook.com/KindraNikole https://www.flickr.com/photos/kindranikole Kindra has inspired me with her artwork during these last few years. She has become my absolute favourite photographer as her artwork is simply made of dreams. Please go explore her magical world! ✉ For any inquiries please contact: KilligrewMusic@gmail.com