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ideas that are integrative, revolutionary & that stimulate changes that evolve and release the limitations & suppressions which pervade society
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☄ELECTROKINESIS☄ Human Powered Light Bulb

    ura soul

    Shazam, two years zipped by like a streak of lightening since I uploaded my first Electrokinesis (EK) video. As you may recall, I jokingly said I was going to make a light bulb illuminate using energy. Hardy, har, har. Well much to my surprise, we can emit enough electrical energy to flicker a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). Makers claim their new “energy efficient” 60 watt CFL bulbs only use around 14 watts of electricity. As you will see, I discovered I (we) can flicker small portions of these bulbs using a loop or “circuit” type form of Psychokinesis. Perhaps via practice and experimentation with various diets, exercises and techniques we can do much more. Based on my limited experience here are some words of wisdom to aspiring Electrokinesis practitioners. Avoid practicing EK with or around devices you rely on for everyday use. Maybe start of by hand charging weak or dead batteries or messing around with a cheap flashlight or radio signal. Consume lots of Himalayan salt and or drink sole daily to increase the electrical activity of your brain. Balance your pH to drastically improve your ability to cultivate and control your internal flow of energy more efficiently. Last but not least, avoid or reduce cell phone and Wi-Fi usage and take monthly salt baths to help your body detoxify and heal from EMF exposure. As usual, with EK it is the little things that make the big things possible. Stack the deck in your favor by getting your body and nervous system running in tip top shape first. Then start small and use the same high energy slow brainwaves approach we use for telekinesis. I hope this upload is illuminating, inspiring and entertaining. Thank you for watching. Namaste ~Trebor ----------------------------------- - - Copyright free music provided by my friend Adrian Ryszka and www.freestockmusic.com .