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when poles of polarities enforce frozen viewpoints - the heart is locked closed and heartlessness results.\r\npolar ice caps and pol-ice caps - are more connected than simple logic may claim.
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  • Please make this go viral Police and National Guard patrolling neighborhood and shooting civilians on their own property. Make America see this link :- https://bit.ly/3esLGuCpolice officers escalating violence Videos link :- https://bit.ly/36LRnkBThis is what we need. Police marching WITH...
  • Don't bother trying to justify this, you just make yourself stand out as a blatant bootlicker with no integrity, heart, guts or brains. Denial is not going to save you.#covid19 #freedom #australia
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    ura soul

    How do you think you give your consent to the police? by offering or agreeing to be the name on the birth certificate, this is the consent you give to receive punishment for any non-harm "offence" as a crime needs to have an injured party. ALL Acts & Statutes are for members of "THE SOCIETY" whom all agree to abide by the rules in return for the benefit, but now they are taking away any benefits of being a member then what happens if we all want to leave? what if we don't agree and want to opt-out? what happens then? we'll we are seemingly being forced to stay on the society which is one of the reasons why they are breaking up any sort of groups such as freemen and travellers etc. Strange years lie ahead so lets watch how this all unfolds, while trying to be that change for the better we want to see in any way we can. BE THE CHANGE and GET EDUCATED ... Will it be economic debt slaves for your children's future or will the fairy god mother arrive and save us all... you decide or Big Brother will.... mirror from ukblive