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Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

Welcome to the main ARTery ;)\r\nThe commonly visible spectrum of light is labelled 'rainbow' - what is seen as wet light vibrates the wet-air of earth's atom-sphere. When our own light is unhindered and unhindering our own movements, we can more completely be our rainbow selves with loving and balanced heart.\r\nThe divine heart gallery is for creations of new heartistry, unconditional love and the balance that is truly needed for life to flourish.
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Boom Festival 2012 Film - The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part I)

    ura soul

    Set during Boom Festival 2012 the documentary THE ALCHEMY OF SPIRIT tells the story of thousands of people from across the world, that come together every 2 years in the August full moon. Together they share the dream of a reality within and beyond this reality, where we can live in harmony with our planet and with each other. It is a movie about Boomers that learn together about a different way of living, they co-create and share "out of the box" revolutionary ideas for change, to be spread like seeds. Enjoy! We Are One. CREDITS A Movie about the Boom Festival 2012 by Droid-i.d. Production: Patricia Guerreiro, Paulo Prazeres & Boom Team Direction: Paulo Prazeres Edition: Marzia Braggion Cameras: Miguel Manso, Luis Graciano, Patricia Guerreiro, Paulo Prazeres Graphics: Sergio Duque Sound: Filipe Sambado Post-production audio: Tiago Inuit www.boomfestival.org FB - BoomFestivalOfficialPage Twit - boomfestivalhq